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Peeling Treatments

Peeling treatments are not new to the mankind.  Queen Cleopatra used to bath with sour milk I.e lactic acid and since then the secret of getting a fair and glowing skin is known to the mankind.
How does peeling work?
Just as the word suggests the process of peeling removes the dead and dark skin by a very thin peel off of the epidermis. Various alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid etc burn the skin proteins and result in a fresh new, glowing skin.
What are the various kinds of peels available in the clinics?
Peels are classified into 3 broad categories –
1. Superficial peels
2. Medium depth peels
3. Deep peels

Dermaworld Skin Clinic provides all sorts of pigmentation treatments. We use the best and safest peels to give you the best results.
For appointment please call 011 – 45670001, 9911100050

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