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Permanent laser hair removal cost in delhi

Permanent Hair Removal In Delhi

Laser hair removal has many misconceptions attached to it. People who are looking for a laser hair removal in delhi and other cities think that the treatment is permanent , hair removal is complete and its a one sitting job.
The most important fact is that the very word _ permanent laser hair removal is farce.
The exact term is – Permanent laser hair reduction i.e there is substantial permanent reduction in the number of hairs of the treated area.
There is a reduction of approx 10-20 % in the number of hair as well as the growth rate of the growing hair .

How many sittings are required for the laser hair removal?

Approx 6-8 sessions are required at varying interval for the best results of laser hair reduction. The interval between the sittings vary from area to area but a rough average is 1 sitting per month. So for 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal , one required approx 6-8 months.

Why so many sittings are required for laser hair removal??

Different stages of hair growth:
Growing- ANAGEN
Shedding TELOGEN
For the laser to be most effective, multiple treatments are needed to get the hair in the growth phase- ANAGEN , because all of the hair isn’t on the same stage at any given time and hence with every sitting the hair that are there in the anagen phase are shed off.
So dont be afraid that many sessions are required for the permanent laser hair removal, there exists a science behind this.

Why cant I get 100% results with more sittings?

As there are few students in a class who will fail in exams then no matter how much scolding, hard work is done on them , similarly few hair strands will become resistant to the laser light and will remain there. But the number of such hair has been minimised using the best of the lasers and proper technique. The results obtained with ALMA Soprano is beyond comparison to other laser systems available and are permanent

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Treatment of coup de sabre must remain conservative until the disease is no longer in an active state. When activity has ceased, some operative intervention is safe and effective for the correction of deformity. While hair transplantation showed high survival rates for the correction of cicatricial alopecia, it has one case yet been reported to be performed for the correction of coup de sabre.


To examine the therapeutic possibility of hair transplantation for the correction of coup de sabre.


Follicular units consisting of two to three hairs from the patient’s occipital scalp  & single hair graft from beard were transplanted .


Seven -month follow-up studies showed an 86.5% survival rate  of the transplanted hairs.


When coup de sabre is no longer in an active state, hair transplantation is a useful method for cosmetic improvement of the alopecia


Therapeutic response of keloids to intralesional bleomycin and triamcinolone acetonide injections—- A retrospective comparative analysis.


Background: – In the context of growing aesthetic awareness, a rising number of patients feel disappointed with their scars and are frequently seeking help for functional and aesthetic improvement1. There are several treatment modalities which are useful for the management of keloids, most popular being intralesional steroid but which is known for recurrence once the treatment is stopped.



  1. Retrospective analysis of the results of treatment for keloids with intralesional bleomycin are compared with intralesional triamcinolone injections.
  2. To know the efficiency and safety of injection bleomycin in the treatment of keloids.


Source of Data:-

It is a retrospective observational study. 20 patients of keloids who were treated with intralesional steroids and bleomycin injections in the cosmetology OPD during the period from April 2013 to Oct 2013 were observed for the outcome of two modalities of treatment.


Material & Methods:

The analysis was done for 20 patients with keloids. Patients were selected from two groups consecutively. Group A (10patients) who were treated with intralesional bleomycin and group B (10 patients.) with triamcinolone injections. These patients had four therapeutic sessions one month apart. The therapeutic response was determined using Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS). Reduction in vascularity, pliability and height were determined relative to initial size. Patient’s global assessment and physician’s global assessment were also done to access the clinical response.




Overall 20 patients received the treatment. Patients were divided into two groups. Group A who were treated with intralesional bleomycin and group B treated with triamcinolone acetonide injections.  Male patients out numbered the female patients (60% cases). The treatment was mainly received by unmarried (60% of the cases). Mean age in our study was 22.5 yrs. In the steroid groups there was 38.3% improvement as compared to 27.6% in bleomycin group. Vascularity improved by 41% in steroid group as compared to 24% in bleomycin group. There was significant improvement in pigmentation (29%) in steroid group as compared to minimal improvement 5% in bleomycin . Reduction in height was seen more with steroid (36%) as compared to bleomycin (29%).



Steroid is better option in treatment of keloids as compared to bleomycin, but chances of recurrence (25%) with steroid are seen, where as there is no recurrence with bleomycin.


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