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Skin Specialist in Delhi- Dr.Rohit Batra,MD

ImageDr. Rohit Batra, Is one of the top skin specialist in delhi and is a consultant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr. Rohit Batra  , a skin specialist in delhi  ( Rohini) has his clinic in the ewst Delhi locality of Rajouri Garden.
Patients looking for skin specialists in vikas puri or Skin specialist in Janak Puri dont mind going  that extra mile for a comprehensive treatment by one of the best dermatologist in Delhi .
 Many patients who are tired of taking treatments for their long standing skin problems and have shown to skin specialist in aiims delhi  or are showing to some skin specialist in south delhi also come all the way to Rajouri Garden for a quick and affordable treatment for their chronic problems.
Dr.Rohit Batra has been honoured with various awards and has been judged as the best dermatologist n delhi by Times Media.
With the better connectivity in delhi courtesy Metro, Patients looking for skin specialist in delhi laxmi nagar or who want a skin specialist in central delhi dont mind reaching at DermaWorld Skin Clinic for their dermatology problem.

Best skin specialist in West Delhi

Best dermatologist in West Delhi,  Dr.Rohit Batra is associated with the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Dr. Rohit Batra has been judged as the best dermatologist in delhi by Times Media.

Dr.Rohit Batra is based in West Delhi and is no doubt one of the best skin specialist in Rajouri Garden.

Dermaworld Skin Clinic is situated in Rajouri Garden.  It is one of the best laser clinic in delhi. The clinic offers the best laser hair removal in Delhi. Laser Hair Removal cost at Dermaworld Skin Clinic is most competitive and the best technology lasers are used for giving great results.

Laser Hair Removal for men and women is provided by the most efficient staff.

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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi Cost

Valentine Day offer

Valentines Day Offer- 50% off on Laser Hair Removal Cost (Buy 4 get 4  free)

Valentines Day Offer- 50% off on Laser Hair Removal Cost (Buy 4 get 4 free)

This Valentines day gift your loved one the gift of smooth, hairless skin.

DermaWorld Skin Clinic

is offering a flat 50% off on laser hair removal sessions .

DermaWorld  Clinic offers laser hair removal services at affordable cost and uses the best DIODE laser – ALMA Soprano Pro, for a painfree hairfree experience.

Just come, relax and watch a movie at our spacious, hygienic laser room and leave rest to our experienced, dedicated and patient friendly staff members.

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Dr.Rohit Batra

Dr.Rohit Batra ia a well known dermatologist based at New Delhi. Dr. Rohit Batra is associated with the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. 

Dr.Rohit Batra, apart from being a good clinical dermatologist , is also a known figure in the beauty industry . He is on Panel of various Pharma and FMCG majors. His expertise in the subject is immense and he has a lot of experience  in treating chronic cases .

Botox , Fillers, Laser hair removal treatments are also offered at his clinic- DermaWorld Skin Clinic.

For Moe please call at 9911100050, 9911200050

or Visit

DermaWorld Skin Clinic 

Q-4 , Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

Freckles treatment in Delhi – Lasers or Peels.

Laser treatment for Freckles- Peeling treatments for freckles.

Laser treatment for freckles in delhi

Laser treatment for freckles in delhi

Freckles are the tiny brownish to red marks seen on face esp in people with extremely fair skin. Freckles arise because of excess sun exposure. Freckling is also seen in some diseases where they occur on areas that are not even exposed to sun.

Patients with freckles keep running from post to pillar to get a remedy for the same. The  best thing is to avoid freckles from occuring which is possible by avoiding sun exposure. A good sunscreen can definately go a long way in preventing the damage. A sunscreen act only for a maximum one and a half hour and hence has to be re applied for a total protection.

Treatment options for freckles include- hydroquinone preparation, kojic acid, glycolic acid etc while other procedures include peeling, lasers- Q-Switch laser, Yellow cocktail etc.

A cost effective and quick procedure to help reduce freckles is the Yellow Cocktail which removes the upper most layers of the skin therby reducing the pigmentation on the affected skin .

Such a procedure when repeated over 2-3 times will reduce the pigmentation on the sites and will give a clean look.

Once the desired results are achieved , patient should prevent exposure from sunlight for long lasting results.

Q-Switch Laser 9532 and 1064) is the other modality that is used to treat freckles . The melanin pigment is burnt at various levels of the skin to give a fair look.

Commonly used peels are not effective in treating freckles and are better avoided .

For more information on treatment for freckles in delhi , Please contact:

DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027.

Ph: 9911100050, +91-11-45670001

Skin Specialist in delhi/ Dermatologist in delhi

Dr.Rohit Batra, Skin specialist in delhi

Dr.Rohit Batra, Skin specialist in delhi

Skin problems are on the rise in delhi and so is the need of a good dermatologist in delhi. The name” Dermatologist” is becoming more and more popular in delhi as people are becoming more conscious of their looks and also want to get rid of their skin problems.
Skin specialist in delhi or a dermatologist in delhi is a doctor whom you visit to get your acne treatment, getting a cure for your allergies, hairfall, chronic conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo, nail disorders etc.
Many skin practitioners have mushroomed in delhi over the past few years who are not qualified but thanks to the growing need of the delhi’ skin problems have flourished by making fool of patients,
One should look for a good , qualified MD- Dermatologist in delhi for getting a treatment to their skin issues.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic , we take your skin seriously. We treat each and every patient of ours with great care and put in all our resources to make his recovery speedy. The staff at our clinic is courteous and well trained to take care of all the dermatological procedures with utmost care and efficiency.

We dont indulge in making quick money but provide affordable solutions for the various skin, hair and nail problems.

Our clinic is equipped with all new machines and lasers to offer the best , world class solution to our patients at a reasonable price.

We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic have the best dermatologists in delhi to cater to our patients.
Our dermatologist, Dr. Rohit Batra is a well known skin specialist?Dermatologist in delhi and is a Consultant Demetologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
Dr.Rohit Batra has been awarded – Best Dermatologist in Delhi award by Times Media .

For more please contact DermaWorld Skin Clinic at 9911100050.

Botox treatment in delhi

Botox treatment is a specialized treatment which should be taken by a well qualified dermatologist only. Botox treatment is offered at various clinics in delhi where patients are injected the product by ill trained cosmetologists. Many para medical staff and so called ” Cosmetologists” have started giving botox treatments and have also resulted in blunders. 

Botox can give you wonderful results and erase all the wrinkles on your face in a matter of hours but if gone wrong can lead to disaster too.

Also many cheap formulations and chinese products are available which are used by the clinics to offer cheap rates to the patients, One should avoid getting injected with such products and only opt for a Botox.

We at Dermaworld Skin Clinic use only the original Botox for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

New Botox vials are used for every patient to prevent any infection.

Botox treatment cost in Delhi 

Botox cost in delhi is fast becoming a topic of competition among the various clinics that provide botox treatment for wrinkles in delhi. CTo make a quick buck and lure patients with cheap rates , many clinics will offer botox treatments at low price. We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic charge approx Rs 200-250 per unit of the Botox consumed.

The price for a botox injection delhi depends on the number of units consumed.

Approx for treating wrinkles of the forehead , crows feet anf upper half of the face, a patient requires about 40-60 units of Botox and hence for such a case the cost of Botox will vary between 8000- 12000 INR.

Please visit a clinic of repute and take Botox from a well , qualified dermatologist . Dont get lured with advertisements luring people with cheap rates.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic , we offer original Botox treatments at very affordable rates.


Laser hair removal in a patient of PCOD – Is it safe and effective

laser Hair Removal in Delhi Cost

laser Hair Removal in Delhi Cost

PCOD or Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where  fluid filled cysts are found in the ovaries. The condition can be diagnosed through an ultrasound .

Who can get PCOD Syndrome?
Any female can be affected with PCOD. It is a complex disorder and is seen in approx 5-10% of the female population aged between 12-45 years. Many a times the phrase “Clinical PCOD” is used in females who show symptoms of PCOD even without an ultrasound findings.

What are the symptoms associated with PCOD?
PCOD can show various symptoms ranging from  include irregular periods, excessive hair growth caused by an increase in the male hormone, weight gain, Acne/ spots, pelvic pain and fertility problems.

A classic female suffering from PCOD will enter the dermatologists’ s office with loss of hair on scalp, increase hair growth on body esp face. The unwanted hair on face is more on the jaw line. Such females are usually obese .

Is lasser hair removal in PCOD safe?

Yes , with the Painfree Hairfree Laser hair removal systmes Laser hair removal is a cost effective answer to the unwanted hair growth seen in such cases of PCOD. A females suffering from PCOD might need few more sittings of Laser hair removal and hence the laser removal price in delhi might be more for such a female but is side effect free.

What all area are affected and can all areas be treated/

The whole of body might be affected with excess hair growth in cases of PCOD. The Soprano Pro DIODE has the magic of delivering fast , painless and effective results in all areas of excessive hair growth like the bikini hair removal, laser hair removal for face, permanent laser hair removal for armpits, People are worried about the laser hair removal bikini side effects but at DermaWorld Skin Clinic , we make sure that with our latest and state of the art Diode laser hair removal machines there is no side effects in bikini hair removal or for that matter at any other site.

Will laser hair removal help PCOS?

Yes it will help by greatly reducing the hair growth in the affected area. The laser works by targeting the hair in the 3 phases of growth. As each treatment progresses the hairs that return will come back finer and lighter.
The DIODE laser looks for black color and hence only damages the hair follicle which has the black hair root once all the hair on skin are shaved off. This saves the skin from the brunt of heat and damage that is seen in other older and less effective technologies which burn the hair as well as the skin,

How many sittings are required for Permanent Laser Hair Removal ?

There is nothing known as permanent laser hair removal rather it is permanent laser hair reduction. A normal female with decent hair growth will require approx 6- 8 sittings of DIODE permanent laser hair removal treatments . Those who have hormonal imbalance might require one or two more sittings depending upon there growth.

What is the duration between 2 sessions of laser hair removal ?

Usually for the first 2 sessions most of the patients will turn up after a months interval for a repeat session but once the laser starts to deliver most patients dont have any growth for a couple of months and hence the time gap between sittings gradually increase. The time between sittings vary from person to person and from site to site.

Usually we ask our patients to come with full hair growth for their next session of laser hair removal. Time gap is seen to be less in facial hair laser hair removal compared to laser hair removal for body .

For more information on Laser Hair removal in delhi please contact us at 9911100050.

Laser hair remo…

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Many people want to go for laser hair removal in delhi and other cities throughout the country but have many reservations. They have been guided or at times misguided by others who had a bitter experience while going for the the laser hair removal in a laser centre in delhi neighbourhood . But the thing which most people who had a bad experience at such a laser hair removal clinic dont know is that perhaps Laser was not even used for the treatment.

Most laser hair removal clinics who advertise and offer cheap laser hair removal services use a machine called IPL – Intense Pulse Light , which costs less than one tenth the price of a good Laser system,

A good laser hair removal is a DIODE laser system and the icing on the cake is if it offers – PAINFREE HAIRFREE laser hair removal.

If ice packs are required to cool off your skin after the procedure then the chances that you are being treated with a good DIODE laser is remote.

Before you opt to go for a laser hair removal in delhi just make sure-

The skin or laser clinic is operated by a qualified dermatologist and not beauticians or the so called cosmetologists.

The machine used to treat is one of the latest painfree , hairfree DIODE laser system like the ALMA SOPRANO PRO which offers you painless hair reduction and there is absolutely no chance of any side effects like burning, irritation, redness, pain or itching which can even occur with conventional diode laser machines like Lumenous Duet. Esclapion etc.

The procedure is performed under the surveillance of a good , qualified dermatologist in delhi.

Ask the laser clinic if they apply ice packs post procedure- dont even think of getting a session sone at such a clinic- you might be paying for a IPL procedure instead of DIODE . The machine looks just like a Laser.

For one of the best laser hair removal experience in delhi, visit  DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4 , Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Soprano Pro Laser hair removal diode is one of the best laser hair removal for indian skin . Also it is safe to go for a laser hair removal in patients with dark skin ,

We use the best Laser hair reduction system and have intensive experience in treating even the hardest of hair growth on the most sensitive skin without any side effects.

We offer painless laser hair removal sessions for bikini laser hair removal in delhi, Armpit laser hair removal and laser hair removal cost is affordable at our clinic.

Full body laser hair removal packages are also available. we are one of the best laser hair removal clinic in delhi.

Ask Skin Specialist in Delhi a Question

1. Hi, My skin is whitish and clear but area of my lower face, near my lips and Under my nose is comparatively darker to my skin tone and have tried many salon therapy with no results. Any solution for this?

Answer : Dermatologist in Delhi , Dr. Rohit Batra says- The area mentioned by you is the one where females get waxing, bleaching for the unwanted hair etc. Also toothpastes form froth in this area and lead to skin irritation. People who have a knack of licking their lips or whose saliva drools during sleep are liable for dark pigmentation in the area. The reason behind the problem should be ascertained and further damage should be stopped. Creams containing hydroquinone cab help in treating the pigmentation. Vit C serum, kojic and mandelic acid are other options.

> 2. Any solution for dry scalp and dandruff in winter as this leads to heavy hairfall?

Answer- Skin Specialist in Delhi, Dr.Rohit Batra opines Dandruff doesn’t lead to hair fall. Application of mild steroidal lotions along with salicylic acid preparations at night followed by washing with a shampoo containing ketoconazole helps in clearing dandruff.

3. Hi , I am a 33 year woman with many surgical history and on many Allopathic tablets for past 2 years wanted to know if medication is the reason for my intense hair fall and is there any alternative diet or beauty regime I can follow to stop it?

Answer- Trichologist in Delhi , Dr.Rohit Batra says that Hair fall in patients undergoing surgeries or other chronic illness is termed as Telogen Effluvium. This usually occurs 2 to 3 months after the illness. Such type of hairfall is usually reversible. Oral supplements containg biotin, calcium pantothenate etc along with application of tincture and peptides can help patients gain back the lost volue more easily and quickly.

4. Hi , My sister is of 28y and recently she started getting pimples on her face with a scar leaving behind ?

Answer – One of the best skin specialist in delhi NCR who specialises in acne treatment elaborates that Pimples or acne occur in people with oily skin. To control the acne for once and all the only medication is isotretinoin. Topical gels containing benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, clindamycin etc will help in clearing the lesions. Oral antibiotics are needed to control pustular lesions.

5. I wanted to know more about dandruff on face? I suffer from it and don’t know what to do about it. Could you help?</strong

Answer : Skin specialist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr.Rohit Batra elaborates that
Dandruff is not seen on face. Somewhat similar condition with flaky skin seen on face is called seborrhoeic dermatitis. The treatment includes oral and topical anti fungals. Sometimes to reduce inflammation, mild topical steroids are also used.

6. Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Answer: Best Laser hair removal services are offered at DermaWorld Skin Clinic. The Skin specialist and Laser Surgeon at the laser clinic, Delhi- Dr.Rohit Batra says that – Permanent laser hair removal is a false statement. There is no laser that can offer permanent hair removal. The best and the painless solution for hair he