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“How much does laser hair removal cost?”


Looking for a Laser Hair removal/reduction in Delhi?  Here’s a quick guide to let you know certain things before you decide to go for a treatment of laser hair reduction in Delhi. While there are many clinics offering the service of laser hair removal in Delhi – Not all provide the latest technique for laser hair removal and at times people get a bad taste of their experience at such clinics.

Laser_hair_removal_Delhi Irrespective of the sex – Many is Delhi want to get rid of their unwanted hair growth at various body parts.

While most common area for getting a laser hair reduction amongst females are face, bikini and armpits; men are looking to get their beard in shape, get smooth hairfree ears and a metrosexual hairfree chest.

The first question that a person looking for a laser hair removal in delhi should ask any laser hair removal provider should be – Which laser hair machine do you use??

A good dermatologist’s office will always have one of the latest laser hair removal device – one of the best laser hair removal machine available today in Delhi is the ALMA Soprano Ice which has a painfree , hairfree SHR technology with both in motion diode for thick hair and Alexendrite laser for fine hair.

People usually inquire about the price of laser hair removal session . Though it is a very important factor but one should not compromise on quality and technology for laser hair removal in Delhi. You cant compare apples with oranges and similarly you cant compare the price of laser hair removal from a clinic using an old or substandard technology like IPL  , Old Diode machines – which are painful and can cause burns too. Laser hair removal procedure can turn ugly if done by a bad machine in unskilled hands.

Another factor that affects pricing of laser hair removal sessions in Delhi is the area to be treated . So while a small area like half face can cost INR 4000/- per session when done session wise but the same area can cost INR 3000 per session when opted as a package of INR 24000 for 8 sessions.

Also as the area to be treated increases  ,the price doesnt increase in a similar proportion and when 2 or 3 areas are opted together for a laser hair removal – the comparative cost is much less.  For eg: a package of face and under arms comes around INR 35000 compared to a separate packages of INR 24000 and INR 18000 for 8 sessions each.

So if you are looking for a laser hair removal for any area or  a full body laser hair removal in Delhi- Feel free to contact us at 9911100050, 9911200050.

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Diet in Acne

Acne_Treatment_delhiIts been long debated that whether diet has any role to play in acne causation. Diet varies from society to society and country to country but one thing that is there throughout the world is _ patients suffering from acne. Acne is one of the commonest skin disease occurring all over the world and India is no exception. Acne treatment in Delhi is not restricted simply to oral and topical medication and laser for acne scarring but also Delhi believes that diet too affects their Acne ,

Acne is related to a mix of oily secretion . genetic make up , climate and according to few – Diet. Its long been discussed that drinking a lot of milk and eating sugar causes Acne, Mothers coming with children looking for treatment of acne have a common question – ” Doctor what are the things to be avoided ??” ” Can he eat Mangoes??” ” She is very fond of chocolates, is it to be avoided completely  ?” .

anti acne food

Well when you listen to these questions from parents and the child’ eyes search for an answer that suits his/ her tummy – You land up yourself in a fix – where you need to make both happy . The parents want you to say that Junk food needs to be avoided and the child needs you to give him the license to eat what he/she loves.

The literature has a mixed data – few authors have concluded that Diet hardly plays any role in causing Acne but there are others who have concluded that Diet rich in high glycemic index foods and milk are one of the major culprits in causing Acne.

As a dermatologist its our duty to tell you the truth  but at times even the dermatologists are not sure whom to believe and hence we treat each and every case on  a person to person basis. Patients who noitice a flare of acne on eating a particular thing are asked better to avoid such foodstuffs while others who are responding well to the treatment recommended are allowed to live life .

We believe that most of the patients will respond to the medicines irrespective of what they eat and a good treatment for acne by a seasoned dermatologist can help you get a clear skin .

So if you are looking for a clear , acne free skin in Delhi – Don’t wait any longer and  get a complete treatment for acne in Delhi .

We are here to help you get an Acne free skin .

Feel free to contact us at

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Acne Treatment in Delhi

Lets Say Bye Bye to ACNE this summer

Acne or pimples are a real spoiler for everybody. Not only it affects the patients looks and at times leaves scars and marks but also afects once self confidence. Many a times we see patients who are unable to face society because of their acne. Eve make up at times fail to hide spots and scars of acne.
Acne usually occur in those who have an oily skin and the treatment is aimed at controlling the oil secretion.
People suffering from acne should aoid hair oils, creams, facials and cleansing to control acne.
An experienced dermatologist specializing in Acne treatments is your savior in such conditions. – Better dont surf the net or try home remedies to treat as they at times can worsen the acne in many patients.
Its a real nightmare for a would be bride or a person going for an interview to find a oimple on theri face on ” The Day”
Many people think or are made to think by their parents, relatives like grand maa etc that these occur due to age esp teenage and will subside in few years . – but thats not true – they can occur to anybody and at any age.
One should get it treated as soon as you start getting them as it prevents future scarring and marks.
In females hormonal imbalance is though a cause but is not always a cause in acne causation.
Noways there are many oral, topical medications and treatments like Miami S and other water based treatments, Lasers for taking care of excessive oil secretion and scars and pigment removal treatments to take care of post acne marks which can help you get an acne free face in few weeks .
We at DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinics have the experience and have many successful stories where treating acne has changed the lives of patients.
So if you are suffering from any sort of acne or acne marks and scars its time you get the treatment this summer to reinvent a better – YOU
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