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Acne Treatment In Delhi

Acne is one of the commonest skin condition that affects both sex and at any age.

Acne treatment is provided by the Dermatologist  in Delhi but there are few things about acne which can be easily carried out in home by the patient without even going to the dermatologist.

What Can You Do To Fight Acne?

1) DO NOT squeeze, pop or burst pimples. When you squeeze an

infected pimple, you can create pressure that can spread the infection. The infection

spreads above the skin, but also deep inside the pore. This enlarges and spreads the

infection, and can cause or increase scarring.

2) Get plenty of rest. The body rests and recovers during sleep.

3) Avoid smoking. Smoking ages the skin and causes wrinkles and age spots.

4) Resist the urge to tan or burn your zits away. Remember, the sun can cause more


5) Take a shower after you’ve been sweating and/or exercising. The water in sweat causes

the follicle to swell. The pore becomes blocked and inflamed, and blemishes can form.

6) Drink lots of water. Water helps to flush out impurities, or things that can harm your

skin. It also keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

7) You should visit a dermatologist if your acne does not clear up

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