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Pimple Doctor in Delhi

Acne_treatment_delhi Pimple Doctor in Delhi is a dermatologist or skin specialist in Delhi who can help you get rid of your pimples in delhi .

Pimples or acne are very common skin problems in Delhi . Teenagers who are suffering from the condition are always on a look out for a pimple doctor in delhi to help then clear their acne scars and marks along with stopping acne.
Acne occurs due to excessive sebum or oil secretion . Acne, black heads , white heads and pimples all are the different names of the same problem.
Pimple treatment in Delhi mainly consists of controlling the oil secretion and infection.

The pimple doctor in delhi will prescribe you a oral and topical antibiotic along with a topical benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoic acid.

Newer treatments for acne include Salicylic acid peels, Intense pulse light, hydrafacial MD etc.

Treatment for acne scar in delhi include

Fractional resufacing with CO2 laser for acne scars.

Dermaroller treatment for acne scars.


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