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Botox and Fillers in Delhi

Botox Treatment or fine lines and wrinkles in Delhi

Botox Treatment or fine lines and wrinkles in Delhi

Botox and Fillers treatment in delhi.- A new Craze.

Dermaworld Skin Clinic Festive season offer

Bitox treatment price as low as INR 200 per unit*

It’s once in a lifetime offer to get a smooth wrinkle free skin at an unbelievable low price for a Botox Treatment in Delhi.

Offer lasts till 25 October 2014.

For more please call us at 9911100050, 9911200050.

Botox Treatment in Delhi
Botox is fast catching up with the Indian middle class and everyone wants to get those fine lines and wrinkles erased from their face. Gone are the days when Botox treatment in delhi were restricted to the elite class – who will flaunt it as a status symbol and the rage of Botox Parties was something that was only restricted to the who’s who of delhi.
Botox today is fast becoming a household name and many people esp youngsters are going for the botox treatment – Thanks to the increased income of the indian middle class . Many of the patients who opt for botox come prepared to get the procedure and many a times know what to expect and when to expect.
The internet today has made things difficult for the dermatologist’s but the better part is there too People who want to get botox done will search extensively on the internet before they will fo for the procedure.
They will compare rates for the procedure which offcourse varies per the units consumed and at the same time what most people dont inquire for when they ask the clinics through phone is – What product do they use?
Many cheaper varients of Botox are there in the market and many clinics use them for an extra buck. We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic know our responsibility and dont dupe our clients for petty gains.
We use the authentic products at affordable rates . All the procedures are done by well qualified dermatologists who have vast experience in providing Botox treatments .
Botox can help you get that smooth, youthful look back in just an hours time. So what are you waiting for. Book an appointment today for a Botox Treatment .

For more please call : 99111-00050.
Dermaworld Skin Clinic, Q-$ Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110015.


zBotox and Fillers in Delhi

Botox treatment price in Delhi

Botox and Dermal Fillers:

Botox acts by relaxing the muscle and not by paralysing the muscle as perceived by many. There are many misconceptions attached to the procedure and many people are wary of getting the procedure done just because of the fact that they are ill advised by their friends who in reality are their foes- for the reason that they dont want them to look young and beautiful.

A person looking to get rid of his/her fine lines and wrinkles should go for a Botox treatment at a centre of repute in delhi by a qualified dermatologist. Many clinics in delhi who claim to provide cosmetology services don’t get the procedures by a qualified dermatologist in delhi and people taste a bad experience for their botox procedure. Side Effects can occur if procedure is not performed by a qualified dermatologist . Also clinics use Neuronox / BTXA etc in pretext of using BOTOX and fool the patients by giving cheap quotes .

At Dermaworld Skin Clinic we make sure that whether you are being treated with Botox for the first time or a regular,  nothing should be skipped.

Our staff will provide you all the information,  will take a written consent from you and then only dermatologists will give you a world class experience.
If you are looking for the BOTOX treatment in delhi cost or price should make sure that BOTOX only is used for their procedure .
We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic use a fresh vial of BOTOX for every new patient so that there is no risk of transmission of any disease which might occur if the same vial is used for different patients.

The cost of BOTOX treatment in Delhi varies from clinic to clinic. At DermaWorld Skin Clinic we charge approx Rs 200 per unit of original Botox and have a vast experience in giving the best of results . We know our responsibility as the leader in skin treatments in delhi and never compromise on our quality.

Why are you waiting,  just give us a call to schedule an appointment for the Botox Treatments and say Bye bye to your wrinkles. .

For a safe, result oriented and world class BOTOX experience please visit :

DermaWorld Skin Clinic,
Q-4, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi -110027

Phone: 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050.

For appointments call 78270 09990


  1. vandana singh says:

    kindly advise best cost for 1 vial ( filler) for juviderm XC for my nasolabial folds

  2. chrissie says:

    Please could you advice approx how many units would be needed for crows feet,under eye,Bromwich and forehead? I have been having botox injections on a regular basis in England for the past 18months.

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Dear Patient
      Thanks for your mail.
      The area of crows feet, forehead and under eye can consume anywhere between 30 units to 50 units of Botox. The prices hence can vary between INR 6000 to INR 10000.
      Filler can cost as less as 15000 per ml of the product consumed.
      Price or Cost of Botox and filler depend upon the company whose product are used as well as the quantity which varies from patient to patient.
      Feel free to contact us for more information on Botox and filler treatment.

      Team Dermaworld

  3. Bhaskar says:

    What would be the cost of juvedram or restylane for hollow or sunken eye?

  4. Annu says:

    Under eye hollow & dark circle

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Juvederm ultra plus XC is an ideal filler for under eye dark circles. When clubbed with arginine mandelic combo, it gives beautiful results.

      • lucky says:

        what is the appx cost of Juvederm ultra plus XC filler treatment for under eye hollow & dark circle..?

  5. Omir says:

    Can you plz advice the best filler deep acne scars nd how long it will last nd treatment cost to…

  6. sunil says:

    plz advice the cost of 1 vial 1ml of juvederm filler for removal of under eye wrinkle in men in delhi

  7. Mahy soudi says:

    Do you offer the injectable double chin treatment? If yes what are the prices please

  8. Amrita says:

    Lip augmentation. I vile cost please?

  9. Umang says:

    Under eye fillers for eye bags will cost?
    And also how long will it last?

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Dear Umang
      Cost of fillers varies from Rs 15,000-Rs25,000 plus taxes /ml depending on the cost of the brand
      Longevity varies from 1 year to 1.5 yeas depending on the type of filler used.
      Team Dermaworld

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