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Botox treatment in Delhi

Botox Treatment in Delhi is offered by many clinics and dermatologists . One should be aware of the fact that Botox is a specialized procedure and should be  taken only in a center of repute .

Botox treatment in Delhi is fast becoming a household thing as many working females in India are now opting for the Botox treatment for wrinkles .

Botox treatment cost in Delhi varies as per the number of units consumed

In West Botox treatment’ cost a lot and people charge per area of face treated and hence those who require less units of botox end up paying a lot.

At DermaWorld we believe in complete transperancy in our treatment charges – we charge as pet consumption of Botox units.

The cost of Botox treatment is calculated as INR 300 per unit. So in case a person looking for a botoc treatment in delhi for crowd feet requires 10 units per side then cost comes to be INR 3000 while someone looking for a botox treatment for forehead wrinkles in delhi requiring 20 units needs to pay INR 6000 only.

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