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Botox treatment in Delhi

Botox treatment in Delhi is fast becoming a popular cosmetic procedure . The Indian today wants the best and has no room for wrinkles and sagging skin when it comes to carrying out himself/ herself in office, board rooms or even social circles.

Botox treatment which was considered as a treatment exclusive for the elite is now finding its takers in middle class.

Botox treatment in Delhi is offered by many laser clinics as well as dermatologists. One needs to take into consideration the repute and experience of the clinic while getting a treatment done.

Botox treatment is a fast procedure which is also commonly categorized as a lunch time cosmetic treatment.So if you are thinking of getting a Botox treatment in Delhi do make sure that you have done your research well in advance before approaching a clinic/dermatologist.

A quick checklist regarding the Botox treatment in Delhi includes:

  1. Make sure you are not on any kind of blood thinners like Aspirin or warfarin etc.
  2.  Always ask the clinic to show the vial – original Botox is manufactured by Allergan.
  3.  One should not be on any medication , should not be consuming excessive wine or green tea or antioxidants prior to procedure.
  4. Avoid getting any sort of cosmetic treatment like bleech, facial or heavy make up 2-3 days prior to treatment.
  5. One should not sleep/lie flat for atlest 4-5 hours post procedure.
  6. Pregnancy and lactation are absolute contraindication for the procedure.

A quick reference guide for the number of units required for a Botox treatment on various parts of the skin is provided below.

So if you are looking for a Botox treatment in Delhi – we are just a call away.

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