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Dermal Fillers Cost in Delhi,INDIA

Dermal Fillers Cost In Delhi, INDIA

Q: What is the cost of a Dermal Filler treatment in Delhi, INDIA?

Ans: A Dermal Filler treatment’ cost in Delhi, INDIA depends on various factors like:

a. Amount of Dermal Filler used for a particular treatment.

b. Brand of Dermal Filler used for the Treatment.

c. Type of Dermal Filler used from a particular brand like Juvederm ( Voluma/Ultra Plus/Ultra Plus XC)

d. Technique of injection used for the Dermal Filler treatment : Injection technique or canula technique.

Q: How much amount of Dermal Filler is used to correct under eye dark circles or for Lip augmentation?

Ans: Every client has a different degree of loss of volume and Dermal Fillers correct the volume loss . A person might be happy getting a single 1ml of Juvederm Ultra or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC   while another client with more deeper under eye hollowness might end up getting 2 ml of the Dermal Filler for the same area to get great results. A medical professional while counselling the client give an idea as to how much amount of Dermal Filler will be required for a particular volume defect.

Q: Which is the best brand of Dermal Fillers in Delhi, INDIA?

Ans: Its a very tricky question and there are many good companies whose Dermal Fillers are now available in the indian market. A few reputed companies include: Juvederm range by Allergen, Restylene range by GALDERMA, YVOIRE by LG, BELOTERO by Merz, Princess, Relience etc. The most trusted and widely used Dermal Fille Brand all over the world is Juvederm. Rather clients ask about the product like Juvederm Voluma while inquiring for the Dermal Filler treatment . So its sort of a Mercedes of Dermal Fillers all across the world.

Q: Which Dermal Filler is best for me ? Which Dermal Filler is Best for under eye dark circle treatment?

Ans: The various Dermal Fillers from a same stable like JUVEDERM differ in their consistency and longitivity. While JUVEDERM Voluma lasts around 18 to 24 months, JUVEDERM Ultra lasts only maximum for around 12 months. Also the Dermal Fillers are available with lidocaine and without lidocaine – a medicine that gives a numbing effect during the procedure to make it painless. Some people say themn its better to get a product injected that lasts long but thats not the case- a product is specific for an area and its fluidity also differs . Voluma Gives best results in midface and contouring while Juvederm ULTRA is used for lip augmentation and under eye correction.

Your treating doctor will tell you what all products can be used  ina certain part of the face and how much time they will last.


So if you are still searching for the best Dermal Filler treatment  in delhi and have not made up your mind yet – we are here to help you in answering all your queries and helping you choose the best Dermal Filler treatment for your voulme deficit.

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