Lip Filler Cost in Delhi, India

Best Dermal Fillers in Delhi, India

Lip Fillers in Delhi, India – the hottest trend ever.

Lip fillers in Delhi, India are by far the most common and controversial treatment of this generation. With the selfie culture rocking our society and social media making everybody even more conscious about their looks and body proportions, Lip fillers in Delhi, India are fast becoming a common name in all Delhi neighborhoods.

Although they have been around for decades being used by millions of women globally, in most cases undetected or super subtle, the rise of Kylie Jenner, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra and other beauties  and  celebrities  have created a cult like following for big luscious lips.

Lip Pout : Dermal Fillers in Delhi, India


If you are looking for a Lip Filler in Delhi and are worried about the treatment, costs, results and side effects – We are here to help you make an informed decision.

At DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinics, we make sure that all procedures are carried out using the safest and FDA approved dermal fillers by well experienced and trained doctors.

We breathe aesthetics and our doctors know what to do and how much to inject to give you the best results in minimum quantity of Dermal Filler.

Lip fillers are not permanent. Depending on the type of filler being used they can last anywhere from 3 – 12 months and topped up as required.

A person who wants to get Dermal Filler should make sure that he/she is not on any sort of blood thinners, vitamin pills etc. Also regular wine drinkers and green tea drinkers should stop consumption atleast a week before the procedure.  Drinking plenty of water is also crucial for longevity.

The treatment takes approximately half an hour. No anesthesia is required in most cases .

Dermal Fillers for lip augmentation

Lip Filler Price in Delhi, India

Results for lip fillers are almost instant! Swelling and some bruising are very common and should settle within a few days. Depending on the type of filler , small lumps can sometimes be felt but these will also soften.

We recommend arnica tablets and arnica cream to minimise  inflammation & bruising post injecting procedures such as this.

Whether it be a subtle lip rejuvenation treatment for a more mature skin, alternatively a pretty lip enhancement to revolumise or reshape, right up to completely changing the aesthetics of your face with a plump glamorous pout , we are committed to creating the look you are after. The suggested first dose is usually 1ml and what this does is give you a natural look for you to maintain or build upon, once again depending on your desired look. It is always recommended to come in for a review or a top up in the first few weeks to see how you are finding your first time with fillers.

For the clients requesting a fuller pout – please note that lip fillers are a process and for the best possible outcome we suggest to build up on the lip slowly over time. This will help you create a high volume yet natural lip.

Types and Price for Lip enhancements using Dermal Fillers.


So if you are still searching for the best Dermal Filler treatment  in delhi and have not made up your mind yet – we are here to help you in answering all your queries and helping you choose the best Dermal Filler treatment for your voulme deficit.

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