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Best doctor for fungal infections in delhi


Best treatment for fungal infections in Delhi, India

Fungal infection -Ringworm Jock Itch Treatment in Delhi

Fungal infections like Jock itch or tinea Cruris and corporis are becoming very common in Delhi, India. Such is the quanta of the problem that many families are now coming with all members being affected with this irritating   fungal infection.

Q: How are Fungal Infections caused?

Answer: Tinea Cruris are caused by fungi or yeast . Commonest cause are the dermatophytes which grow in hot and humid climates. Fungal infections in Delhi, India are more common during the months of monsoon i.e May to August but in recent year it is seen that Fungal infections now remian all throughout the year.

Ringworm treatment in Delhi, India


Q: Are fungal infections communicable/ contagious?

Answer: Not really . The spores are everywhere and can easily start to grow in warm body parts like the body folds and private parts.  Families who share towels, have pets at home might caught the fungal infections because the spores shift from one to another .

Q: Is fungal infection and eczema are the same?

Answer: Fungal infections are caused by fungal spores and is an infection while eczema is a condition of skin when oozing and crusting occurs as a result of excessive scratching. Irritation can occur because of dryness or at time allergies. Eczema is not an infection.

Q: What is the best treatment for Fungal infections like Tinea Cruris?

Answer: The best treatment for fungal infections like Tinea Cruris of Joc Itch consists of oral and topical antifungals. Various oral antifungals used to treat tinea cruris in Delhi, India inculde Fluconazole, terbinafine, itraconazole etc. Topical treatment options include creams containing luliconazole, ketoconazole, eberconazole, terbinafine , clotrimazole etc.

Q: Which is the best cream available cream for treating tinea cruris in Delhi, INDIA? 

Answer: Fungal Infections like tinea cruris or jock itch have become so common n Delhi, India because of the rampant use of over the counter creams by people. These creams contain steroids and other drugs which suppress the infection and as soon as the patient stops these creams the fungal infection comes back. Such use of OTC creams for Tinea infection in Delhi, India has led to drug resistant Tinea and other fungal infection. Even Dermatologist sfind it difficult to treat such Fungal infections at times.

So one should avoid self medication and visit a specialist for a complete cure of the condition.


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