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Dermatologist in Delhi NCR

Dr.Rohit Batra is one of the leading dermatologist in Delhi NCR. Dr.Rohit Batra’s Clinic is situated in Rajouri Garden – DermaWorld Skin Clinic.

Dr.Rohit Batra is also attached to the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and hence he is available for consultations in central delhi also. There are few dermatologists in delhi who have that human touch and Dr.Rohit Batra is one of them. Skin Specialist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr.Rohit Batra has pioneered the cause of Vitiligo Surgeries in Delhi and has given a new life to many who were helpless from the white patches of Vitiligo.

Rajouri Garden is one of the very centrally located colony of west delhi and hence people searching for dermatologist in janakpuri or dermatologist in punjabi bagh also have an easy access to Dr.Rohit Batra, Skin Specialist in Rajouri Garden for all their skin problems in delhi.

It is said that there is no distance that is long for one’s health and hence people don’t mind  coming long distances to get a cure for their problem.

Dr. Rohit Baatra is one of the best dermatologist for acne treatment in delhi and many teenagers have got a cure from their long standing problem of chronic acne at Dr.Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Rajouri Garden.

Hair Fall is a common problem in every house today . Dr.Rohit Batra is ranked as the best dermatologist in delhi for hair problems. The clinic offers in house and medical treatments for various types of hair fall problems. Male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss require the expertise of a qualified dermatologist for diagnosing and treatment of such conditions and DermaWorld Skin Clinic offers affordable and world class treatment for all types of skin, hair and nail problems.

So whether you are looking for a skin specialist in south delhi or a dermatologist in paschim vihar – first think what do want – best treatments at affordable prices by a qualified and experienced and the best dermatologist in delhi ncr or a person in your locality who might be a quack .

DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027.

For appointments please call: 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050.

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