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Hair fall facts by a trichologist in Delhi

Hair industry is growin by leas and bounds courtesy the increased consciousness of the new age males and females about their hair volume.
Not only the patients looking for hair treatments want to stop hairfall , there are patients looking for an increased hair volume.
One has to understand the fact that hairfall is a natural phenomenon and the cycle continues throughout the life where a hair strand falls and a new hair grows from the same follicle.
People keep looking for a treatment that can just arrest the hairfall completely – which is not possible.

Male and females suffer from different kinds of hairfall. While males are usually found suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia which is a genetic dependent condition.
Females usually suffer from female pattern baldness which is a result of hormonal imbalance or excessive dieting.

How many people actually suffer from hair loss or Hair Fall ?

Hair loss is a condition that effects approximately  75 per cent females and about 90 per cent  at some time in their lives. in males is starts early and is attributed to their father while in females it occurs late and is attributed to their mothers.

How much hair does one ordinary person has on his or her head?

We are born with all of our hair follicles; none are produced after birth. There are approx 1 lac to 1.25 lacs of hair follicles which are present on an average human scal. Some follicles contain 2 hair while some contain 3 too , so the number of hair are always more then the follicles..

What is considered normal hair loss?

The average number of hairs that most people should expect to lose each day varies betwenn 50 – 150 . Hair fall might be more during a particular season like in India hair fall is more during the monsson season. Also some females experience some excess hair fall during their menses.

Is all hair loss permanent?

No, not at all. the human hair passes through the cycle of :




So whatever hair we have eventually fall and give rise to a new strand at the same site in the same follicle.

The problem starts when there is a loss of hair strand but no new hair grows out of the root .

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