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hairloss_baldnessHair Fall treatment in delhi or hair loss treatment in delhi has many providers starting from ayurvedic doctors to quacks,  homeopathic doctors to those offering hair spas and last in the queue are the scientifically educated, medically trained – Dermatologists in Delhi.

Some facts  about the Hair :-

100=150 hair  falling everyday is normal but then they should regrow. Baldness starts when the falling hair fails to regrow.

Shampoos  are used to cleanse the hair and the scalp.A 30 sec exposure  to a shampoo cant lead to hair  loss and at the same time a shampoo alone cant lead to new hair growth.

Hair oils are a big NO NO when you talk in terms of science and medicine . the scalp itself secretes enough sebum to moisturize the hair and scalp.

Hair fall in men is called Androgenic alopecia while in females its called female pattern baldness.

The most common type of hair loss affecting both the sex is the – Alopecia Areata. Here well circumscribed areas of hair fall are seen .

Dieting and chronic illness can lead to another type of hair loss called as Telogen Effluvium.


The most common medicines used for various sorts of hair loss include:


Topical Minoxidil

Topical Hair Tinctures

Topical Steroid solutions

Topical peptides


Oral Biotin Supplements

Oral Finesteride is also used in male pattern baldness.


A trichoscopy is the science of depicting the type and extent of hair loss and the procedure must be carried out to ascertain the cause of hair loss and a proper treatment,

DermaWorld is one of the most premier skin, hair and laser institute in delhi and provides affordable hair loss treatment in delhi,


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