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Trichologist in Delhi

Trichologist in Delhi – Dr.Rohit Batra

Trichologist in a person who will help you clear your hair problems. Then be it
Hair Fall
Hair Greying
Hair Thinning
Itchy Scalp
Fungal infections of Hair and Scalp
Hair transplantation
Platelet Rich plasma therapy for hair growth
Hair analysis using Trichoscan etc.

Hair is 100% protein and is a dead tissue . Only the root is a live, growing tissue.

Hairfall problems are encountered by ne and all at sometime in our lives.
Males showing receeding hair lines are the one who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness which is a heriditary condition.

Dr.Rohit Batra is one ofhe leadng tricologist in Delhi NCR.He is attached to the prestigious Sir GangaRam Hospital. He is an academic consultant dermatologist, trichologist and cosmetic laser surgeon with a huge patient base in Delhi and surrounding states.

Treating hair problems require a great clinical acumen, a sincerity and experience, Dr.Rohit Batra – Trichologist in Delhi is an amalgamation of all these qualities and his clinic, DermaWorld Skin clinic is well equipped with all the latest techniques in the field of dermatology, cosmetology and trichology.

” Anagrowth Plus” the hair therapy using the radio frequency is available at very limited clinics in Delhi and DermaWorld Skin Clinic is equipped with the same.
Anagrowth Plus is a non invasive hair growth treatment regime which is effective in most cases of hair fall in both males and females.
Foe more please contact us at :

DermaWorld SKin Clinic,
Q-4, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi -110027.

Phome: 9911100050, 9911200050, 4567001.

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