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How to find skin specialist in delhi?

IMG_114266899889137Skin Specialist in Delhi , Dr. Rohit Batra is one of the most renowned dermatologist in delhi. Dr. Rohit Batra is associated with the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi – 110027.

To find a skin specialist in delhi , gone are the days when people used to go by the word of mouth . Today with the invent of smart phones and help of google, one can search anything in a second.
Dr. Rohit Batra is a great believer and follower of technology and has been actively involved in online dermatology.


Its easy to find a good skin specialist in delhi but if you are looking for an honest opinion and best treatment care for all your skin needs in Delhi – Contact us at :

DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinic,
Q-4, Rajouri GArden, New Delhi – 110027
ph: 9911100050, 9911200050


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