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Interesting Dermatology Cases at DermaWorld Skin Clinic

*  A 67 year old male patient presented with multiple crusted papular lesions all over the abdomen since last 3 months. The patient had a history of being operated for Carcinoma – lung 4 months back.

The lesions were more over the skin on upper torso.

Skin lesions in systemic diseases are common and lesions such as these are often seen in patients who are suffering from any systemic disease. It was good in this patient thatt he was already being treated for the underlying disease and skin lesions were secondary to it but in cases where a patient keep getting treated for a skin disease without even being investigated for any underlying skin disease . In such cases , a good dermatologist comes to the rescue of a patient which an ordinary treating physician or the chemist from where people take topical medication fail to deliver.

A patient of skin disease should always consult one of the best dermatologist in delhi or their respective city for  a proper diagnosis and speedy recovery.

A skin biopsy might be required in some tricky cases to reach a diagnosis.


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