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Laser hair removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi – Best DIODE at affordable prices
Laser hair removal in Delhi has always been a craze with the females but off late men are also catching up.
Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Delhi comes with many catches- while the so called skin care clinics in Delhi adverrtise for cheap rates and various deals for laser hair removal services and packages for permanent laser hair removal , the qualified dermatologists who cant advertise are more concerned about the patient safety and results.

An IPL machine is a cheap system used for permanent laser hair removal in delhi but is actually is not a laser but in a bit to save money many patients fall prey to the advertisement gimmicks about cheap deals and packages by laser hair removal centers in delhi and end up spoiling their hard earned money because the results with IPL are poor and short lasting . Also the side effects of IPL are many including burns, reactions, pain, itching etc.

Male patients too want that metro sexual look and want lase hair removal for male body areas like laser hair removal for chest hair etc. Many male patients in delhi are looking for laser hair removal for chest hair  and then there are others who want to do away with the unwanted hair on back, shoulders, pubic hair or underarms/ armpits.

Permanent Laser hair removal  for unwanted hair is a specialized treatment and one should not opt for a laser hair removal in Delhi just going by the newspaper advertisements . Many Clinics who offer cosmetic services and laser hair removal services in Delhi just want to reap the benefits from a growing cosmetic industry but shy away from the responsibility that comes with any sort of medical procedure.

Most Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Delhi  who advertise for their laser hair removal in Delhi are not owned by dermatologists as skin specialists cant advertise but businessmen who have entered this business of laser hair removal can.

Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi has seen a severe competition but there is a catch.
People are duped by the so called laser clinics for hair removal by advertising offers from cheap laser hair removal to as much as 50 per cent off on Hair removal.
The real fact that people are not made aware of is the machine that is used for the laser hair removal.
The latest pain free hair free diode technology is the best laser machine available till date for laser hair removal. It doesn’t require any precautions and is absolutely side effects free.
IPL is a cheap machine available with most laser clinics and cost’s as less as 2 lacs for the machine.
It requires cooling with ice packs after the procedure as it burns hair and skin. There are various side effects like burning, irritation, pigmentation etc which can occur and requires a lot of precautions after the procedure.
The results are also bad and are not long lasting.
IPL is not a laser but laser clinics make fool of ignorant patients by showcasing it as a laser machine.
For a layman a machine that requires application of ice packs after the laser session and causes burning and pain during the hair removal session is not a painfree hairfree diode laser and is most likely an IPL or a old diode or ND:Yag which are cheap and less effective and more painful machines.
IPL doesnt give permanent hair reduction and at times can cause hair growth therby increasing the problem.
One should consult a good dermatologist before starting the treatment and should inquire about the machine too.

For a painfree hairfree laser hair removal experience please contact:

DermaWorld Skin Clinic
Q-4, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi 110027

or call us at
9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050

For appointments please call 78270 09990


  1. Bhawna Dhingra says:

    What’s the cost for face hair removal treatment?

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      We use the latest ALMA SOPRANO ICE Diode and Alexendrite Laser for a painfree hair free experience .
      We charge Rs 24000/- for 8 sessions.
      For more feel free to contact us at 9910700050.
      Team DermaWorld

  2. gaurav singh says:

    I am a young boy I didn’t need that much time and the area to be cured is small so I can give only 10000 for the treatment & also I can’t afford more than 10000 , is this possible

  3. Anil says:

    What is the cost of laser hair removal for man’s chest and abdominal area per session ?

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Thanks for your query. We use the latest and best Alma Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal in Delhi . Pleaee share your contact details for our reception desk to contact you or call us at 9911100050 to fix an appointment or know more .
      Team DermaWorld

  4. Anil says:

    Please tell me the cost

  5. Umang says:

    What will be the cost of whole body laser removal including full hands and legs,armpits,bikni,abdomen and back and chin?
    Any package?

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Dear Umang
      The prices of Laser hair reduction depends on he area and machine used. We have Alma Soprano Ice and Alma Soprano Platinum which are USFSA approved , gold standard Machines for painless and side effects free laser hair reduction.
      Kindly share your contact details for further information
      Or Contact us at 9911100050
      Team DermaWorld

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