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” Is laser hair removal safe?”

Laser Hair Removal Delhi

Laser Hair Removal Delhi

” Is laser hair removal safe?”

A question that hounds every man and woman who intends to go for a permanent laser hair removal in Delhi or for that matter in any city around the world is – ” Is laser hair removal safer ?”
Few facts that one must know before undergoing a laser hair removal are :

1. There is nothing known as ” Permanent Laser Hair Removal”- its actually Laser Hair Reduction and not removal. A person undergoing a Laser hair reduction must know that the maximum result that he or she can get with Laser hair removal is 70-80% reduction in total hair growth of the area treated.

2. An average of 6-8 sessions of Laser hair removal are required for a decent result of permanent hair reduction.

3. A good DIODE laser like ALMA Soprano which is the world leader in PAINFREE HAIRFREE technology is absolutely safe and effective in giving results in Laser Hair Removal. Machines like IPL , Nd:Yag etc which are used for hair removal at various centers can give many side effects and are less effective in giving results.

4. Burning, Irritation , Scarring etc are some of the commonly seen side effects of laser hair removal when IPL, Nd:Yag or conventional diodes. The PAINFREE HAIRFREE technology in ALMA Soprano SHR is free from side effects.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic, we know that your skin needs the best laser hair removal technology for the best results and no side effects. We never compromise in the technology and safety and hence are among the very few clinics who use the best , world-class Soprano Laser Hair removal system in Delhi for maximum Laser hair removal and that too at an affordable cost of laser hair removal in Delhi.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic, we have done more than 10,000 sessions of successfull hair reductions and none of out patients has ever complained about any side effects.
Results of laser hair reduction may vary from patient to patient but safety is a major concern when you are opting for a treatment at a reputed centre.
We know our responsibility. As a leading skin care provider in Delhi NCr we dont compromise on anything.
All our staff members are properly trained and well-mannered.
The LAser hair removal machines available at our clinic are the best and safest in the world.
All our machines are regularly tested for quality parameters.
The treatment room hygiene is given utmost importance.
Privacy of our female and male patients are given high priority.
after care after the laser procedure require proper counselling and the same is provided by well qualified , reputed dermatologist in Delhi – Dr.Rohit Batra at no extra cost.
We take every area seriously and dont hurry in completing the procedure.
To help us maintain our high standards and experience a world-class laser hair removal treatment in Delhi please make prior appointments for your laser hair removal procedure in Delhi , only at

DermaWorld Skin Clinic,
Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi- 110027

For more please contact:

9911100050, 9911200050, 45670001.

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