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R20- Faster Technique for Laser Tattoo Removal

R 20 Technique for Tattoo Removal

Q switch laser has become quite popular in removing tattoos. The idea of laser tattoo removal was a hit in the society as now people who had got a tattoo made and were repenting their act finally got a way to get rid of their mistake.
But the number of sittings that are required to remove the tattoo as well as the time period that is required between the repetition of the laser sittings were really tiring.
There were huge number of people who wanted to get rid of their tattoos quickly because of various reasons like applying for a job like in arm forces, cabin crew etc or before their marriage- to erase the name of their ex flame.
To help the patients get rid of the tattoos quickly R 20 technique was introduced. R here means repeat or repetition of consecutive Q switch laser sessions at an interval of 20 mim.
Such a technique will give quicker results and better patient compliance.
For more information about Laser Tattoo removal in Delhi ,please contact us at Dermaworld Skin Clinic, Q -4, Rajouri Garden. New Delhi 110027.
Or call us at 9911200050, 011-45670001


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  2. Neha says:

    Hi. I need to know about R20 tattoo removal . I have about 10 inches tatoo whic i need to get rid off

  3. Patrick says:

    I need to book an appointment on the 18th of July please get back to me

    Regards Patrick

  4. Patrick says:

    I am not in India at the moment that’s why I would like to book the appointment via email.


  5. ankit says:

    How much time will R20 take to remove the tattoo.?

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