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Tattoo Removal in Delhi – Lasers & Plastic Surgery

Laser treatment for tatoo removal are finding many takers today. Many patients who come to our clinic to get rid of their tattoos removed through laser are in a hurry to get their tattoos removed. Most of the times its the profession like defence, aviation or hospitality that they want to enter which requires their tattoo to be removed .
The different kinds of treatments available for tattoo removal include:

1. Laser – Q Switch 532 and 1064.
This requires a number of sittings at 3-4 weeks interval and with every sitting there is a decrease in colors of the tatoo. Slowly with 5-6 sessions of Laser tattoo removal , a decently colored tattoo will fade away .
The difficult to treat tattos are the one which are multicolored or very darkly pigmented and require more sessions.

“Ghost of the tattoo” is the term given to the remnants of tattoo after few sittings which fail to vanish even with multiple sessions of laser and require some other method for tattoo removal.

2.Excission and Primary closure:

Small or linear tattoos can just be excissed , the skin with tattoo removed and stiches can be taken to close the open area. Such a procedure will give quick result but a linear faint scar will be left which in most cases will vanish over months but may remain in a few cases.

3. Plastic Surgery:
Large tattoos or tattoos of patients who require results on an immidiate basis need to undergo a excission and grafting at the site of tattoo. a skin of similar size is harvested from thigh area and grafted over the area.
The tattoo is removed but the grafted area will remain somewhat different from the surrounding skin in most of the cases.
This is mainly opted by patients who have very less time like in cases of defence personal who fear to get rejected on grounds of carrying a tattoo in their body.

Laser treatment for tattoo removal price in delhi
The price for laser tattoo removal depends on the area of the tattoo, number of sessions that will be required to clear the tattoo ink which inturn depends on the darkness of the tattoo.
Also another reason that will effect the price for laser tattoo removal in delhi is the type of machine that is being used to remove the tattoo. Many laser centers in delhi offer the service for laser tattoo removal in delhi but use cheap chinese machines that hardly give any result or very less if at all they give. Now just for a cheap laser tattoo removal in delhi , people will opt for a package on these laser clinics and after completion of their sessions will be left with a faded tattoo.
Always visit a clinic of repute for laser tattoo removal in delhi and though cost for laser tattoo removal should be a criteria for choosing a clinic- dont make it the only criteria.
We use FDA approved laser machines for laser tattoo removal in delhi and our cost for the laser tattoo removal are very competitive and all procedures are carried out as per world class standards.

how does laser tattoo removal work

Laser used for laser tattoo removal is the Q-switch laser . Q here means Quality . This laser basically burns the tattoo ink using the wavelengths 532 and 1064. The two different wavelengths are used to cater to both the superficial area and deep area as well as to burn different colored inks which require different wavelengths for energy to be absorbed by the ink particles- go to a burnt state and finally removed from the skin surface slowly.

How ro speed up laser tattoo removal process?

Ordinarily it takes atleast 5-6 sessions for an averagely colored and not to dark tattoo. Now it requires approx 6 months to complete the treatment as the sessions for Q- switch laser tattoo removal is repeated earliest after 3-4 weeks. To speed up the process, a new technique i,e R-20 technique has been introduced which means the sessions is repeated every 20 minutes for 3 times to get faster and better results .
DermaWorld Skin Clinic is one of the first skin clinic in delhi and INDIA to introduce this technique under Dr.Rohit Batra’s international expertise on the subjest.

tattoo removal cream
Many online sites offer tattoo removal creams but many patients who have used them were unhappy with the treatment. After giving a try to these tattoo removal creams they finally got a different procedure like laser tattoo removal or plastic surgery.

Does tattoo removal leave scars?

As already explained above surgical options may leave a scar or pigmentation mark while laser tattoo removal if done through cheap laser machines or at an ill equipped laser centre which is not run bya qualified , experienced dermatologist .
When done by a right dermatologist , the process of tattoo removal through Q- switch laser will not leave a mark or a scar.

How do you remove a tattoo?

As explained earlier , tattoo can be removed through :
Lasers= Q switch laser assisted tattoo removal
Plastic Surgery- Grafting techniques.
Excission and closure
Tattoo Removal creams. ( Poor results are encountered)

how much is it to get a tattoo removed

The cost for laser tattoo removal in delhi or laser tattoo removal price in delhi dpends upon:
!. Type and quality of Q-switch laser used.
2. Reputation of the treating dermatologist and credibility of the Laser centre.
3. Technique of laser used to deliver- Normal or R-20.

can you get a tattoo removed?

Yes, all tattoos can be removed irrespective of the size, type and color of the ink used. Most black tattoos can be removed with a good Q- switch laser while in some colored tattoos it might be difficult to remove the tattoo completely. In cases where results are required in very quick time or in colored tattoos , one might need a plastic surgery to get rid of the tattoo.

All sorts of tattoo removal procedures are performed at
DermaWorld Skin Clinic
Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
Ph: 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050

For appointments please call 78270 09990

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