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Non Surgical Liposuction Cost in Delhi

Non surgical liposuction and face lift in Delhi Today’s Indian females is no more retricted to saris and suits and wanna flaunt her perfect figure in bikini and other dresses. The craze for a sexy figure is so much that people will skin their meals for days together to get a size zero figure.

But at times when all dieting and exercises fail to deliver, people want to get a liposuction done to get their dream figure.

Delhi has seen a dramatic rise in people who are getting non surgical liposuction . Unfortunately, this desire for the perfect body sometimes turns into an obsession with women hunting for that slightest bulge, which is often ‘imagined’.

The indian society which used to take fatty and plump people as a sign of prosperity in the past is now gunning for those who have a love handle. Being fat is undesirable and unacceptable by our society today.

Surgical  Liposuction is an operative technique for the removal of fat deposits. It is performed using a 3 or 4 mm key-hole incision (cut) through which a liposuction cannula is inserted and the fat sucked out using a specialized vacuum device, known as a liposuction machine. The procedure is a no stich surgery and the patient can go to home the same day of the surgery and can resume normal working from the next day but then any surgery has its side effects, risks and precautions and hence to do away with the complications of the surgery , Non surgical liposuction and tightening have become a craze in Delhi esp among the middle class.

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a surgical tool to treat generally obese people and reduce their weight. I Those who want to decrease weight should opt for a bariartic surgery .t is useful for sculpting the body in patients who are not grossly overweight and have ‘localised fat deposits’, or LFDs.

FAQs on liposuction

Q How many kilos will I lose after a liposuction procedure in Delhi ?
Fat removal by liposuction is mainly a matter of reducing volume in litres  rather than weight. one can easily remove around 10 – 15 litres of fat in a single sitting which doesnot mean that there will be a loss of 10-15 kgs in weight.

The procedure will decrease the volume and not the weight. Good results following liposuction will be noticeable in a reduction of clothing size. A reduction of one or two sizes is average.

Q Will I have to diet after liposuction?

Eating healthy is the mantra to remain fit and once you have got that beautiful body you always pined for, it becomes all the more important to maintain it. One can eat normally but avoid fats, carbohydrates and colas.

Fruits and vegetables provide nutrition and at the same time help in maintaining the figure.

Also a small amount of work out 5 days a week will tone the body and help in maintain g the shape.
If patients have a tendency to gain weight easily, a good diet and exercise regime may be necessary to reduce this tendency and keep it under control. It is interesting that in many cases, liposuction has acted as the incentive or catalyst for a well adhered to diet and exercise regime.

Q Will stretch marks disappear following liposuction of the area?
No. Stretch marks do not disappear at all following a liposuction.

Q Is non surgical liposuction in Delhi as effective as the surgical liposuction?
yes, but if performed at the right clinic and under the guidence of a qualified dermatologist who knows whats the right parameters for the patient. There are many clinics offering liposuction treatments but one should go by the qualification of the dermatologist in delhi and reviews by old patients. Dont go by advertisements and cheap deals and costs as offered by various non qualified clinics.

Q How lmany sessions will be required for the non surgical liposuction?

the number of sessions required for the non surgical liposuction procedure in delhi depends upon the gravity of the problem. If you want to loose only a few cms you might need a couple of sessions while those who want to loose many inches might need more session.

The cost of the liposuction treatment also depend on the area for which the treatment is required. Most of the times the time taken for the treatment decides the cost of the non surgical liposuction. A patient opting for fnon surgical face lift will require a 20 min session while a patient who wants to loose and get tightening on abdomen will require a one hour session and hence the price for non surgical liposuction session will be more in patient .


For a tailor made treatment and to know more about the non surgical liposuction treatment in Delhi , please contact us at 9911100050, 9911300050.

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