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Laser Hair Removal Armpit / Underarm

Laser Hair Removal Armpits in Indian Skin

Laser Hair Removal Armpits in Indian Skin

Laser hair removal for underarms are turning up as a huge hit among females who want to wear those sleeve less dresses and flaunt there smooth, shinning, clear underarms.

Also another reason to get laser hair removal for underarms area is to get free from the smell of sweat that causes a lot of embarrasement  at times.

Armpit is a sensitive area and many a times even waxing can cause burns in this area if not performed properly.

With the ALMA Soprano Pro you can be sure that there wont be any side effects. So the question  about laser hair removal armpit side effects doesnt arise which might not be the case with IPL or Lumenis Light sheer technologies as ice packs are required to cool off the area where laser hair removal has been performed with these machines.

Some peple will complain of laser hair removal armpit smell during the procedure – the smell during the laser hair removal for armpits results from the burning of the hair follicle protein. So you might experience a smell as if you are in a BBQ but no need to worry as your skin is safe.

So females who want to go for a laser hair removal for armpit odor and are worried about the laser hair removal armpit side effects can safely make up their mind that they are in safe hands with the all new ALMA SOPRANO PRO diode lasers at DermaWorld Skin Clinic, New Delhi.

How to prepare for laser hair removal underarm area?

As it with any area being treated for laser hair removal, the first thing to be done is to make sure that you have full growth of hair in the area, bleeched hairs will not be affected with the laser and hence one should wait for black hair to grow before going for laser hair removal for armpits.

Also in case waxing has been performed, one should wait for the full growth to start laser hair removal for armpits.

Once you have full growth , the technician will clean the area and shave off all the hair . This is required for the fact that laser doesnot look for hair but for black color so if any hair is left on the surface then the energy will be wastedand there wont be enough energy given in the follicle to rapture  them.

The effectiveness for laser hair removal depends on t laser machine that is used and the staff ho is performing the procedure.

Laser hair removal effectiveness with ALMA Soprano is maximum and is the safest of all the laser diode systems available worldwide. Our staff at DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi are well qualified and experienced to perform all areas with great responsibility.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work in Indian Skin?

absolutely , but if the right technology is used in the right hands. Many laser clinic in delhi offer cheap laser hair removal options and give laser hair removal deals but dont tell about the machine being used – they mostly use IPL, Nd:Yag or old age diode systems like Lumenis Light Sheer which are not consistent with there results and at times can lead to paradoxical hair growth .The all new ALMA Soprano Pro DIODE is the world class diode laser machine and has a patented technolgy known as Painfree Hairfree or SHR which gives great results, safe results and fastest results.

The machine has been used all across the glode and is the current pick of all the laser hair removal clinics- those who can afford it… So dont go by gimmicks and advertisements – go by science and you will get the maximum results.

Laser Hair removal schedule?

Ideally there is no set schedule for laser hair removal sessions. After the first session , the patient is advised not to go for any ther method like waxing, plucking, bleeching for the hair growth and get a session repeated after he/ she gets back the full growth.

As the sessions advance the gap between the sessions prolong as the growth of the remaining hair beomes to meagre.

Also the schedule for laser hair removal varies with the site for which the treatment is being taken. Normally sessions for face is repeated at a months interval while that for .body hair is repeated after 2 months interval.Formore please feel free to contact us at :

DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinics

 Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027.

Phone: 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050.


  1. ramesh bhakar says:

    sir man ke full body hair removal ke 8 session ki kitni maximum cost aayegi please reply

  2. Bharti Singh says:

    Please send me charges of facial hair

    • Drrohitbatra says:

      Thanks for your valuable query. We use the all new ALMA SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM as well as the ALMA SOPRANO ICE for laser hair reduction.
      Please contact our reception desk at 9911100050 to fix an appointment with our dermatologists and know more about the procedure and economical packages.
      Team DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinics

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