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Silhouette Soft Thread lift for instant face lift in Delhi, INDIA

Looking for a Silhouette Soft Instant Thread Lift in Delhi, INDIA but still have some reservations. Hope the following articles will answer all your apprehensions about the World class treatment for instant lift – Silhouette Soft Instant Thread / Face Lift in Delhi, INDIA

Silhouette Soft is known as the ‘Mercedes of the Threads”

Silhouette Soft Threads serve to lift and reposition tissue. Volume restoration requires the use of dermal fillers at various sites on the face.

People with mild to moderate saggy skin and realistic expectations are suitable for Silhouette Soft. The results are instant to the tune of 50%  improvement which is instant and hence the name ” Silhouette Soft Instant Face Lift” and the rest 50% improvement is seen over the next couple of months.

Side effects associated with Silhouette Soft Instant Face Lift  include mild swelling, bruising and skin irregularities, which are all temporary due to the nature of the threads being full absorbable.

The treatment of Silhouette Soft is a world leader among the various procedures performed for anti aging, lift and rejuvenation.

The key to improving an ageing saggy face lies in the FILL and LIFT approach. In the absence of pictures, here is the general rule.

Treatment is a 3 step process.

1. Fillers to restore areas of lost volume.

2. Threads to lift your saggy jowls

3. Review in a month’s time for minor touch-ups if needed.

What is the key to looking youthful?

The key to youth is to re-position, re-volumise and restore lost tissue. \

By firming, lifting and tightening skin, by adding volume where it has been lost, and by holding tissue together, we can achieve a Picture Perfect  – DREAMLIFT.

It all starts from the top, so we fill from top down. Beauty is  inverted triangle face shape – look at any supermodel every one has high cheeks and sharp jawline with a pointed chin.

As we age, our midface sags the most, resulting in the formation of jowls, and changing our face shape into a square or at times called a “U ” shaped which has to be lifted and re designed again to bring back the lost youth and do away with the dullness.

. So the key here is to lift, while maintaining a natural, youthful you.

The best answer to such a problem is – Silhouette Soft and Dermal Fillers which go hand in hand and complement each other . Both the procedure have a life span of 18 to 24 months and hence the results are appreciable for long,

So what are you waiting for – hope you are ready to get back the lost YOUTH  instantly,

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