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Skin Care in Delhi, India

Skin Care in Delhi, India

Skin Care in Delhi, India has been a topic of great concern since ages esp in the female gender.

Off late the metrosexual male has entered this bandwagon and skin care in Delhi has led to mushrooming of Skin Care Clinics in Delhi.

Now , not all these clinics providing skin care treatment are not run by a well qualified dermatologist and many a times people fall prey to quacks and other doctors who are not properly trained and have a Degree in Dermatology but have started practicing skin care to make a quick buck.

Skin care domain comprises not only dermatology but also cosmetology, dermatosurgeryl etc.

Dermaworld Skin Clinic is a renowned and reputed Skin Care Clinic in Delhi .

Our well trained staff and well experienced and qualified senior dermatologists take care of your skin seriously.

We believe that no information should be contained from the patient and best available technology and science should be used to provide the patient the best results.

Skin Care is an ongoing process and we make sure that the aging process is decreased to minimum to help our patients stay young.

Dermaworld Skin Clinic provides various skin care solutions like:

1. Clinical Dermatology Services

2.  Chemical Peelings for skin whitening.

3. Diamond microdermabrasion for smooth and shinning skin.

4. Laser Hair Removal Services

5. Laser treatment for Tattoo Removal

6. Anti aging treatments.

7. Botox Treatments for fine lines and wrinkles.

8  Dermal Fillers treatment

9. Non Surgical Face Lift.

10. Body contouring.

11. Glow and anti masks.

12. Vitiligo surgery.

13. Liposuction

14. Cosmetic surgery for mole removal, dimple creation, hair transplantation etc

15. Bariartic Surgery for weight loss.

For an appointment with Dr.Rohit Batra please contact us at

Dermaworld Skin Clinic,

Q -4, Rajouri Garden.

New Delhi 110027.

Or call us at 9911100050, 9911200050.

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