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Best Dermatoogist in Delhi for acne scars

cropped-skin_specialist_in_delhi.jpgAcne Scar treatmnt in Delhi by best doctor for acne treatment in Delhi.

Acne is one of the most common problems encountered in teenage . A dermatologist is the only person that can help you solve your problem , if you really want quick and long lasting results. Acne can leave scarring and best dermatologist for acne scars can help you clear the pits and scars to approx 60-80 percent. There are many acne treatments in the market but the one that suits you the best can only be prescribed by a  the best dermatologist for acne  treatment in delhi.

Peeling treatments in Delhi

Peeling treatments in Delhi

When you search for best dermatologist in delhi for hair,or best dermatologist in delhi top 10 dermatologist in delhi etc – you dont take into consideration what kind of treatment  dermatologist in delhi specialisesi, whether he/she has a Laser set up, if the lasers are there then whether they are the best suited for indian and your skin, what are the latest procedures and medical treatment the clinic has to offer you.

best hair doctor in delhi will be the one who can help you get the volume back but it might be the case that he is not the best skin specialist in delhi for acne or acne scars.


A question that comes to every acne patient’ mind is what do dermatologist do for acne scars or dermatologist procedures for acne scars,??

There are lot manu procedures that are available in the market but not all treatments are effective and at the same time even the best of the treatments might not be advisable for all cases.

dermatologist treatment for acne scars,

dermatologist acne scar removal,

A dermatologist who specialises in acne treatment and lasers for acne scarring has options like:


Derma rollers

Lasers- Fractional ( Ablative and Non Ablative)

to help you get the best  results.

Dermaroller and microdermabrasion are outdated techniques .

We aat DermaWorld Skin Clinic, have the whole set of latest technology for treating acne scars in delhi. The state of the art centre for acne scartreatment in Delhi has the US FDA approved Er: Yag Laser, Fractional CO2 laser and at the same time we also have Fillers for giving maximum results in acne scarring in Delhi.

dermatologist advice for acne scars,

dermatologist acne scar removal cost,

dermatology treatments for acne scars

Evaluating efficacy and safety profile of Adaplene 0.1% and Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in monotherapy and in combination of both in Acne Vulgaris.


Acne vulgaris is a common chronic inflammatory cutaneous disease involving the pilosebaceous unit. Its pathophysiology is multifactorial and complex, including obstruction of the pilosebaceous unit due to increased sebum production, abnormal keratinization, proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), and inflammation. Most commonly used therapies for mild to moderate acne are topical agents. Topical agents include  retinoids, benzoyl peroxide (BPO) and antibacterials that target comedones, P. acnes, and inflammation. In dermatological practice, topical retinoids are the class of agents most commonly used as monotherapy as well as in combination for acne. The addition of adapalene with BPO does not result in chemical or photo-instability of the combined product. There are limited studies in India on combination of adaplene and benzoyl peroxide in relation to their monotherapy in Acne Vulgaris. So, We have evaluted and compared  the efficacy and adverse effects of adaplene 0.1% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% with the novel combination of these two in mild to moderate acne graded by IGA scale. We took 15 patients in each group.Group A were patients on Adaplene monotherapy ,Group B Benzoyl peroxide monotherapy and Group C combination of the two, for 3 months . Results seen were excellent with the combination therapy with minimal side effects.

Trichologist in Delhi / hair loss treatment in Delhi

The problem for hair fall is increasing in delhi and other indian cities. Trichology is the branch of medicine that deals with the hair. Hair fall in men and women is common but the cause and type of hair fall or hair loss varies.
100- 150 hair falling everyday is normal. The loss is more in change of season esp during monsoon in India. Hair that are lost on a daily basis are renewed on a continuous basis by new hair growing out of the follicle.
The hair goes through the cycle:
Anagen- The growth phase.
Catagen- The resting phase
Telogen- falling

Now every hair passes through this cycle and eventually fall. So when people say that they dont experience hair loss on a regular basis while shampooing, combing etc – tell them the truth – Scientific way.

Is Hair oil required for good hair?
Which hair oil can prevent hair fall?

Well Well , what happens when you dont wash your hair for 2 day?? Dont they turn oily?? Yes they do… even if you have not applied any oil.. The reason is that the sebaceous glands i.e oil glands that are situated on the scalp secrete oil in minute quantities that is more than sufficient to take care of the hair and no oil is required from outside.
We have so many shamppos, conditioners and soaps flooding the Indian Market from various multinationals but there is no Hair oil?? ever thought why??

Well the simple reason is that no one in the west applies any hair oil.. Its only in India that we have hair oils like Dabur, Bhringraj, emami etc.. so next time your grand ma asks you to apply oil for a ong hair – you know what to do and why to not apply hair oil..

What is the best natural treatment for hair loss or hair fall?
as explained above the hair passes through the hair cycle and one should not worry about the daily hair loss. Now in people who are suffering from any nutritional deficiency, chronic illness like typhoid etc or females who do crash dieting- experience excessive hair fall and at the same time because of the compromised state of health there is no growth of the new hair and hence damage occuring out of normal hair loss accumulates and gives rise to baldness. So one should take lots of proteins, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc which are rich source of biotin , calcium pentothenate, copper, manganese etc which will act as the building blocks for hair growth.

What is the treatment of hairfall?

Hair loss are of difficult types like-
1. male pattern hair loss or Androgenic Alopecia
2. Telogen Effluvium- Hair loss occuring after pregnancy, chronic illness etc.
3. Alopecia Areata- Smooth , well defined small patches of hair fall on any part of body.
4. Cicatricial Alopecia- Pseudopelade or irreversible hair loss.
5. Traction Alopecia: hair fall occuring due to pulling of hair.

Now all these hair loss types have different causes and hence different treatments.
One should first visit a good dermatologist for hair treatment in delhi i.e a trichologist in delhi to get a diagnosis of the type of hair fall he or she is suffering from and then the treatment for hair fall in delhi can be started.

A good clinic catering to the hair fall problem in delhi si
DermaWorld Skin Clinic.
We have experience in treating all sort of hairfall types.
The clinic offers affordable treatments for all skin and hair disorders in delhi.

For any kind of hhair and skin problem please contact:

DermaWorld Skin Clinic.
Q-4, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi – 110027

Ph: 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050

For appointnents please call 78270 09990

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