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“How much does laser hair removal cost?”


Looking for a Laser Hair removal/reduction in Delhi?  Here’s a quick guide to let you know certain things before you decide to go for a treatment of laser hair reduction in Delhi. While there are many clinics offering the service of laser hair removal in Delhi – Not all provide the latest technique for laser hair removal and at times people get a bad taste of their experience at such clinics.

Laser_hair_removal_Delhi Irrespective of the sex – Many is Delhi want to get rid of their unwanted hair growth at various body parts.

While most common area for getting a laser hair reduction amongst females are face, bikini and armpits; men are looking to get their beard in shape, get smooth hairfree ears and a metrosexual hairfree chest.

The first question that a person looking for a laser hair removal in delhi should ask any laser hair removal provider should be – Which laser hair machine do you use??

A good dermatologist’s office will always have one of the latest laser hair removal device – one of the best laser hair removal machine available today in Delhi is the ALMA Soprano Ice which has a painfree , hairfree SHR technology with both in motion diode for thick hair and Alexendrite laser for fine hair.

People usually inquire about the price of laser hair removal session . Though it is a very important factor but one should not compromise on quality and technology for laser hair removal in Delhi. You cant compare apples with oranges and similarly you cant compare the price of laser hair removal from a clinic using an old or substandard technology like IPL  , Old Diode machines – which are painful and can cause burns too. Laser hair removal procedure can turn ugly if done by a bad machine in unskilled hands.

Another factor that affects pricing of laser hair removal sessions in Delhi is the area to be treated . So while a small area like half face can cost INR 4000/- per session when done session wise but the same area can cost INR 3000 per session when opted as a package of INR 24000 for 8 sessions.

Also as the area to be treated increases  ,the price doesnt increase in a similar proportion and when 2 or 3 areas are opted together for a laser hair removal – the comparative cost is much less.  For eg: a package of face and under arms comes around INR 35000 compared to a separate packages of INR 24000 and INR 18000 for 8 sessions each.

So if you are looking for a laser hair removal for any area or  a full body laser hair removal in Delhi- Feel free to contact us at 9911100050, 9911200050.

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Laser Hair Removal Delhi

Best laser hair removal in Delhi


Laser hair removal in Delhi

Laser hair removal in Delhi has always been a craze with the females but off late men are also catching up. 

Male patients too want that metrosexual look and want lase hair removal for male body areas like laser hair removal for chest hair etc.


Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi has seen a severe competition but there is a catch. 

People are duped by the so  called laser clinics for hair removal by advertising offers from cheap laser hair removal to as much as 50 per cent off on Hair removal. 

The real fact that people are not made aware of is the machine that is used for the laser hair removal. 

The latest pain free hair free diode technology is the best laser machine available till date for laser hair removal.  It doesn’t require any precautions and is absolutely side effects free. 

IPL is a cheap machine available with most laser clinics and caosrs as less as 2 lacs for the machine.  

It requires cooling with ice packs after the procedure as it burns hair and skin. There are various side effects like burning,  irritation,  pigmentation etc which can occur and requires a lot of precautions after the procedure. 

The results are also bad and are not long lasting. 

IPL is not a laser but laser clinics make fool of ignorant patients by showcasing ir as a laser machine. 

For a layman a machine that requires ice packs after the procedure,  causes burning or irritation, pigmentation and laser light comes like flash – most likely is IPL

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