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Laser Hair Removal Delhi – Best and Permanent

Laser Hair Removal Delhi

Laser Hair Removal Delhi

 Laser Hair Removal Delhi  for Men and Women

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi – All you wanted to know about the Laser Hair Removal in Delhi, the best Laser machine for Laser Hair Removal, Whether the procedure of laser hair removal in delhi is permanent or the correct terminology is Laser Hair reduction in Delhi.


What is LASER?

The word LASER stands for Light Amplification (by) Stimulated Emission (of) Radiation. Simply speaking, LASERS are special form of light that contains one color or wavelength.


What is LASER Hair Reduction?

LASER hair reduction which is commonly written as Laser Hair Removal in Delhi  is a process of reducing unwanted hair with the help of laser light. A beam of LASER light is aimed at hair follicle. This light is absorbed by the pigment, Melanin (present in hair roots) which destroys the hair follicles and retards the future growth. So a person with white hair wont get any result from laser hair removal.

A person who is getting a true laser will not feel any burn, itching or heat on skin as the laser light will only be affecting the roots of the laser which are black in color while an IPL treatment which is a light and not a laser and hence the laser hair removal taking place with IPL – intense pulse light is not effective.

The clinics which offer cheap cost laser hair removal in delhi are the one who use low cost laser hair removal machines like the IPL. So if you are just going to get a hair reduction done from a clinic that is offering a good deal for laser hair removal in delhi , you better be beware of the machine that is used to give you the treatment.

Cheap laser hair removal services can land you up with side effects of laser hair removal like itching, burning, scars and hyperpigmentation.

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

Is it only Permanent Laser Hair reduction and not Laser Hair  removal in Delhi?

The actual term is LASER hair reduction. Reduction occurs in terms of number of hairs, thickness of hair and the rate of growth of hairs. Though after completion of treatment, few maintenance sessions can keep you free of hairs, complete removal usually does not happen.

The number of maintenance sessions needed after a laser hair removal package in delhi varies from one area of body to another. Hormone dependent growth like female facial hairs, private parts and underarms need more maintenance as compared to legs, arms or other larger body parts. Hence, “LASER Hair Reduction” is a more appropriate term than “LASER Hair Removal” . People are duped by the Laser Hair clinics in Delhi by offering them

Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

What is the best laser for hair removal in Delhi, INDIA?

There are various types of LASERS available in market. Long pulse Nd:yag and Diode are the most popular LASER in Asian set ups. Though long pulse Nd:yag and conventional diode are painful ,the newer generation diode laser are relatively painless. At our centre,DermaWorld Skin Clinic in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi we have the latest Painfree Hairfree technology which is the best in the world for laser hair removal for various body parts including the sensitive parts like bikini and pubic hairs.

What is IPL?

IPL is short for intense pulsed light. Intense pulsed light (IPL) epilators are technically not a LASERS.IPL s use xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. IPL-based methods, called as “photo epilation”, are now commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as “laser hair removal”.

How many Treatment sessions are needed?

Multiple treatments sessions are needed for treatment. Most dermatologists recommend an average of 6-8 sessions. Number of sessions vary depending on the area being treated, skin color, coarseness of hair, sex of patient, and any underlying hormonal imbalance. Patients with hirsutism may need more number of sessions.

The ALMA Soprano is the best DIODE laser hair removal system that is safe for the Indian Skin and has given consistent great results for the various body parts in males and females for treating unwanted hair.


Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

 Why do I need so many sessions?

Hair grows in several phases (anagen- the growing stage; telogen- the resting stage and catagen- the falling stage). LASER can affect only the currently actively growing hair follicles (i.e anagen).The hairs in resting phases of growth regrow after the session. These hairs get targeted later when they move into their active phase of growth. Hence, to target all hairs in various stages of their growth cycle, several sessions are needed.

The number of sessions of Laser hair Removal in Delhi varies with the area for which the treatment of Laser hair removal has been is required.

The Laser hair removal in Delhi when taken under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist is tailor made to suit the paatient and as per the hair growth of the patient.

Cost of laser hair removal sessions varies from area to area and laser machine.

So while a male wanting to get a beard shaping through laser hair removal on a DIODE will spend approx INR 2000 , a female looking for a laser hair removal for bikini will spend around INR 6000.

The cost of full face laser hair removal on an IPL machine is as less as 2500 per sitting.


The laser hair  removal for chest hair in men and face in females are the commenest areas for which both the genders get a laser hair removal in delhi respectivel.Our patients who have taken laser hair removal for facial hair then move on to get other aras like laser hair removal for underarms/ arm pits, arms, legs etc.

The latest trend in Delhi si to get a full body lasr hair removal as the cost for the same is substantially less compared to getting sessions for laser hair removal for 2-3 areas together.

A full body laser hair removal session costs approx INR 20,000 on the worlds best machine – ALMA Soprano , which is the safest and the fasyest. It takes around 4 hours for the procedure of full body laser hair removal in delhi and the cost of a full body laser hair removal is very less compared to a face laser hair removal service.

Laser hair removal in delhi varies from site to site, a females looking for laser hair removal for her face might need a sitting every month while another area like legs of the same patient might need a sitting of laser hair removal at 2=3 months interal.


How muc h time does a sessio n take?

This would depend on the area being treated. Smaller areas like face or underarms may require 15-20 minutes while larger areas may take 1-3 hours.

The beauty of the ALMA soprano machine is that it is the fastest machine for laser hair removal and the results are permanent .

While other machines like Lumenous Light Sheer wont be able to cater to bikini areas as they can cause burns, ALMA is certainly the market leader.

It si the first choice for laser hair removal world wide in any sort of skin.

The ALMA Soprano laser hair removal system doesnt require application of ice packs to cool down the skin after the sessions and there are no chances of any side effects of laser hair removal  in ALMA Soprano.

What is the gap between consecutive sessions?

For areas with hormone dependent growth (eg. Face, bikini, underarms etc) average gap between 2 sessions is 4-6 weeks and for other body areas may vary from 6- 10 weeks. After initial few sessions the gap between the sessions is usually decided more on clinical ground depending on when the hairs regrow.

For patients who are opting for a laser hair removal for facial hair and whose growth is very thick and they need a removal service every week , we also have an unlimited laser hair removal sessions package valid for one year which makes it cheap and affordable for such ladies.


Is it painful?

The conventional Diode and long pulsed Nd:YAG are relatively painful. Depending on a person’s pain tolerance, lasers can feel like a gentle pinch or the snap of a hot rubber band. Pain also depends on type of hairs treated- thick and dark hairs produce more discomfort than light and thin hairs. Patients with very low level of pain threshold or while taking LASER on sensitive areas like Bikini, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied before the session for better tolerability and compliance.

Diodes now come with painless in-motion technology which is much better tolerated by patients. hence one should keep the safety as a priority when thinking to go under the treatment of laser hair removal in delhi .

We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic have the safest and the latest Laser removal system  in delhi  i.e ALMA Soprano Pro for a painfree hairfree experience  of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

Are the results permanent?

The reduction in hairs is permanent with just few touch up sessions that may be taken in 3-6 months.

For more on Laser Hair Removal Services in Delhi, Please feel free to contact us at 9911100050, 9911200050.


Who can perform LASER?

In most countries hair removal is an unregulated procedure which anyone can do. However some countries recommend that only doctors and doctor-supervised personnel can perform LASER. We also recommend that LASER should be handled by trained personnel/ technician or a cosmetic assistant under direct supervision and responsibility of a Dermatologist.

Are there any side effects of Laser hair reduction?

The usual side effects that occur after laser hair removal treatments, including itching, redness of skin, and swelling around the treatment area or swelling of the follicles (follicular edema). These side effects are very mild and may last for few hours to 2-3 days.

Side effects of laser hair removal with ALMA Soprano is almost NIL.

While other DIODE systems claim of equal efficacy with their machines but no other machine boasts of such safety like ALMA Soprano.

More severe side effects include the chance of burning the skin or discoloration of the skin-hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, flare of acne, scab formation, purpura, and infection. Rare side effects include blistering, scarring and skin texture changes. These effects are very rare under hands of experienced practitioners.

Your Dermatologist would discuss all predictable effects that you will notice after LASER session, but in case you notice any other discomfort on the treated area you should be prompt to discuss this with your dermatologist.


Is LASER treatment expensive?

The cost may initially sound exorbitant, but comparing the amount of money you spend on waxing innumerable times, the cost of both become comparable. More so taking into consideration the convenience and aesthetic advantage which the LASER offers, it is definitely the procedure of choice for thick dark hairs.

For a best quaote for your laser hair removal in delhi and to get a good deal for your sessions , please call

9911100050, 9911300050.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic, we offer best deals for laser hair removal in delhi..


What are the precautions one should take before and immediately after the laser session?

As discussed previously the target of LASER is melanin(pigment present in increased amounts in darkened skin),Tanning before a laser treatment should be avoided .Use of topical lightening agents like AHAs and retinoid should be discontinued preferably before a week of taking session.

After the treatment use of sunscreens is essential. In case there is redness of treated area after the session, a topical cream(fluticasone/ hydrocortisone) as recommended by your dermatologist should be used.

With so many centers and clinics promoting LASER hair reduction, what according to you are the things we should consider before choosing one of them?

Always opt for LASER treatments at centers run under supervision of dermatologists as these                    centers usually have efficient and well trained staff. Do not hesitate to ask the type of LASER used in the clinic. Solve your queries satisfactorily before you begin the treatment. Discuss your previous medical history in detail with the doctor.

I want to take LASER for my Bikini area. Will this affect my chances of conceiving in future or cause any other pregnancy complication?

No, lasers are specific in their targets, i.e. melanin is its target and laser is only absorbed by it. Hence laser has no effect on conception and does not cause any pregnancy related complications.We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic specializes the art of bikini laser hair removal in delhi and are a proud owner of the ALMA Soprano DIODE Laser which is probably the only machine that wont cause ay side effects to the area. We have delivered the best and safe results to many paties who hve undergone bikini aser hair removal in delhi at out clinic.

Laser machines that cause heating of skin might cause burns on the soft skin of  bikini area and other clinics apply topical anaesthesia and ice packs to make heir machine suitable for the bikini area hair removal but at DermaWorld Skin Clinic, we know our commitment and only use what is bst for the soft and sensitive skin of the bikini area.We offer laser hair removal for bikini area at affordable ras and are confident that patients undertaking sessions for laser hair removal in delhi at our clinic remain tension and side effect free

So, does that mean I can take LASER even when pregnant?

I would not recommend it because at this point, there is very little information about the effects it may have on the fetus, so it is best to prevent any possible risks by postponing the treatment until after delivery.


For more on permanent laser ha removal in delhi for areas like face, arm pits, full body laser hair removal , beard shaping or laser hair removal for men  etc please contac us at :DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4, rajouri Garden, New Delhi -110027.

Ph: 9911100050, 9911200050.



Laser Hair Removal – An investment for Lifetime

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

An Investment In Laser Hair Removal Is An Investment In Yourself

Laser hair removal works as an investment in yourself – a semi-permanent hair removal method with many women seeing long lasting, effective and proven results.

The laser is beamed into your skin, eradicating hair at its root. Hair can be in any of four growth stages at any one time, and the laser works best on hair that is in the “active” growth stage. This is why many people have more than one session of the laser, to ensure all hair in this area has been treated successfully.

Once the laser has removed hair from the root, it is unlikely to grow back. Some women find an annual top up session necessary in order to keep skin looking smooth and hair free. When comparing this method with shaving (daily shaving sessions needed) waxing (painful) or plucking (time consuming) this method ticks many of the boxes which other hair removal methods don’t.

So not only laser hair removal will save money in the long run but will also save many hours spent in the parlours getting that painful waxing done – it just sounds chocolate (wax) but is not a sweet procedure.

Females turning up for laser hair remoival in delhi are not the ones who wanna wear short and designer dresses but from all walks of life.

Recently a 80 year old turned up in our clinic for a laser hair removal but was disheartened to know that laser doesnt work on grey hair.

She asked me to keep her posted if any new technology comes in recent future to remove white hairs…

Permanent laser hair removal cost in delhi

Permanent Hair Removal In Delhi

Laser hair removal has many misconceptions attached to it. People who are looking for a laser hair removal in delhi and other cities think that the treatment is permanent , hair removal is complete and its a one sitting job.
The most important fact is that the very word _ permanent laser hair removal is farce.
The exact term is – Permanent laser hair reduction i.e there is substantial permanent reduction in the number of hairs of the treated area.
There is a reduction of approx 10-20 % in the number of hair as well as the growth rate of the growing hair .

How many sittings are required for the laser hair removal?

Approx 6-8 sessions are required at varying interval for the best results of laser hair reduction. The interval between the sittings vary from area to area but a rough average is 1 sitting per month. So for 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal , one required approx 6-8 months.

Why so many sittings are required for laser hair removal??

Different stages of hair growth:
Growing- ANAGEN
Shedding TELOGEN
For the laser to be most effective, multiple treatments are needed to get the hair in the growth phase- ANAGEN , because all of the hair isn’t on the same stage at any given time and hence with every sitting the hair that are there in the anagen phase are shed off.
So dont be afraid that many sessions are required for the permanent laser hair removal, there exists a science behind this.

Why cant I get 100% results with more sittings?

As there are few students in a class who will fail in exams then no matter how much scolding, hard work is done on them , similarly few hair strands will become resistant to the laser light and will remain there. But the number of such hair has been minimised using the best of the lasers and proper technique. The results obtained with ALMA Soprano is beyond comparison to other laser systems available and are permanent

For more:
PLease contact
DermaWorld Skin Clinic,
Q-4 Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi -110027

Ph: 9911100050, 011-45670001



Treatment of coup de sabre must remain conservative until the disease is no longer in an active state. When activity has ceased, some operative intervention is safe and effective for the correction of deformity. While hair transplantation showed high survival rates for the correction of cicatricial alopecia, it has one case yet been reported to be performed for the correction of coup de sabre.


To examine the therapeutic possibility of hair transplantation for the correction of coup de sabre.


Follicular units consisting of two to three hairs from the patient’s occipital scalp  & single hair graft from beard were transplanted .


Seven -month follow-up studies showed an 86.5% survival rate  of the transplanted hairs.


When coup de sabre is no longer in an active state, hair transplantation is a useful method for cosmetic improvement of the alopecia


Therapeutic response of keloids to intralesional bleomycin and triamcinolone acetonide injections—- A retrospective comparative analysis.


Background: – In the context of growing aesthetic awareness, a rising number of patients feel disappointed with their scars and are frequently seeking help for functional and aesthetic improvement1. There are several treatment modalities which are useful for the management of keloids, most popular being intralesional steroid but which is known for recurrence once the treatment is stopped.



  1. Retrospective analysis of the results of treatment for keloids with intralesional bleomycin are compared with intralesional triamcinolone injections.
  2. To know the efficiency and safety of injection bleomycin in the treatment of keloids.


Source of Data:-

It is a retrospective observational study. 20 patients of keloids who were treated with intralesional steroids and bleomycin injections in the cosmetology OPD during the period from April 2013 to Oct 2013 were observed for the outcome of two modalities of treatment.


Material & Methods:

The analysis was done for 20 patients with keloids. Patients were selected from two groups consecutively. Group A (10patients) who were treated with intralesional bleomycin and group B (10 patients.) with triamcinolone injections. These patients had four therapeutic sessions one month apart. The therapeutic response was determined using Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS). Reduction in vascularity, pliability and height were determined relative to initial size. Patient’s global assessment and physician’s global assessment were also done to access the clinical response.




Overall 20 patients received the treatment. Patients were divided into two groups. Group A who were treated with intralesional bleomycin and group B treated with triamcinolone acetonide injections.  Male patients out numbered the female patients (60% cases). The treatment was mainly received by unmarried (60% of the cases). Mean age in our study was 22.5 yrs. In the steroid groups there was 38.3% improvement as compared to 27.6% in bleomycin group. Vascularity improved by 41% in steroid group as compared to 24% in bleomycin group. There was significant improvement in pigmentation (29%) in steroid group as compared to minimal improvement 5% in bleomycin . Reduction in height was seen more with steroid (36%) as compared to bleomycin (29%).



Steroid is better option in treatment of keloids as compared to bleomycin, but chances of recurrence (25%) with steroid are seen, where as there is no recurrence with bleomycin.


Botox treatment in delhi

Botox treatment is a specialized treatment which should be taken by a well qualified dermatologist only. Botox treatment is offered at various clinics in delhi where patients are injected the product by ill trained cosmetologists. Many para medical staff and so called ” Cosmetologists” have started giving botox treatments and have also resulted in blunders. 

Botox can give you wonderful results and erase all the wrinkles on your face in a matter of hours but if gone wrong can lead to disaster too.

Also many cheap formulations and chinese products are available which are used by the clinics to offer cheap rates to the patients, One should avoid getting injected with such products and only opt for a Botox.

We at Dermaworld Skin Clinic use only the original Botox for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

New Botox vials are used for every patient to prevent any infection.

Botox treatment cost in Delhi 

Botox cost in delhi is fast becoming a topic of competition among the various clinics that provide botox treatment for wrinkles in delhi. CTo make a quick buck and lure patients with cheap rates , many clinics will offer botox treatments at low price. We at DermaWorld Skin Clinic charge approx Rs 200-250 per unit of the Botox consumed.

The price for a botox injection delhi depends on the number of units consumed.

Approx for treating wrinkles of the forehead , crows feet anf upper half of the face, a patient requires about 40-60 units of Botox and hence for such a case the cost of Botox will vary between 8000- 12000 INR.

Please visit a clinic of repute and take Botox from a well , qualified dermatologist . Dont get lured with advertisements luring people with cheap rates.

At DermaWorld Skin Clinic , we offer original Botox treatments at very affordable rates.


Laser hair removal in a patient of PCOD – Is it safe and effective

laser Hair Removal in Delhi Cost

laser Hair Removal in Delhi Cost

PCOD or Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where  fluid filled cysts are found in the ovaries. The condition can be diagnosed through an ultrasound .

Who can get PCOD Syndrome?
Any female can be affected with PCOD. It is a complex disorder and is seen in approx 5-10% of the female population aged between 12-45 years. Many a times the phrase “Clinical PCOD” is used in females who show symptoms of PCOD even without an ultrasound findings.

What are the symptoms associated with PCOD?
PCOD can show various symptoms ranging from  include irregular periods, excessive hair growth caused by an increase in the male hormone, weight gain, Acne/ spots, pelvic pain and fertility problems.

A classic female suffering from PCOD will enter the dermatologists’ s office with loss of hair on scalp, increase hair growth on body esp face. The unwanted hair on face is more on the jaw line. Such females are usually obese .

Is lasser hair removal in PCOD safe?

Yes , with the Painfree Hairfree Laser hair removal systmes Laser hair removal is a cost effective answer to the unwanted hair growth seen in such cases of PCOD. A females suffering from PCOD might need few more sittings of Laser hair removal and hence the laser removal price in delhi might be more for such a female but is side effect free.

What all area are affected and can all areas be treated/

The whole of body might be affected with excess hair growth in cases of PCOD. The Soprano Pro DIODE has the magic of delivering fast , painless and effective results in all areas of excessive hair growth like the bikini hair removal, laser hair removal for face, permanent laser hair removal for armpits, People are worried about the laser hair removal bikini side effects but at DermaWorld Skin Clinic , we make sure that with our latest and state of the art Diode laser hair removal machines there is no side effects in bikini hair removal or for that matter at any other site.

Will laser hair removal help PCOS?

Yes it will help by greatly reducing the hair growth in the affected area. The laser works by targeting the hair in the 3 phases of growth. As each treatment progresses the hairs that return will come back finer and lighter.
The DIODE laser looks for black color and hence only damages the hair follicle which has the black hair root once all the hair on skin are shaved off. This saves the skin from the brunt of heat and damage that is seen in other older and less effective technologies which burn the hair as well as the skin,

How many sittings are required for Permanent Laser Hair Removal ?

There is nothing known as permanent laser hair removal rather it is permanent laser hair reduction. A normal female with decent hair growth will require approx 6- 8 sittings of DIODE permanent laser hair removal treatments . Those who have hormonal imbalance might require one or two more sittings depending upon there growth.

What is the duration between 2 sessions of laser hair removal ?

Usually for the first 2 sessions most of the patients will turn up after a months interval for a repeat session but once the laser starts to deliver most patients dont have any growth for a couple of months and hence the time gap between sittings gradually increase. The time between sittings vary from person to person and from site to site.

Usually we ask our patients to come with full hair growth for their next session of laser hair removal. Time gap is seen to be less in facial hair laser hair removal compared to laser hair removal for body .

For more information on Laser Hair removal in delhi please contact us at 9911100050.

Laser hair remo…

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Many people want to go for laser hair removal in delhi and other cities throughout the country but have many reservations. They have been guided or at times misguided by others who had a bitter experience while going for the the laser hair removal in a laser centre in delhi neighbourhood . But the thing which most people who had a bad experience at such a laser hair removal clinic dont know is that perhaps Laser was not even used for the treatment.

Most laser hair removal clinics who advertise and offer cheap laser hair removal services use a machine called IPL – Intense Pulse Light , which costs less than one tenth the price of a good Laser system,

A good laser hair removal is a DIODE laser system and the icing on the cake is if it offers – PAINFREE HAIRFREE laser hair removal.

If ice packs are required to cool off your skin after the procedure then the chances that you are being treated with a good DIODE laser is remote.

Before you opt to go for a laser hair removal in delhi just make sure-

The skin or laser clinic is operated by a qualified dermatologist and not beauticians or the so called cosmetologists.

The machine used to treat is one of the latest painfree , hairfree DIODE laser system like the ALMA SOPRANO PRO which offers you painless hair reduction and there is absolutely no chance of any side effects like burning, irritation, redness, pain or itching which can even occur with conventional diode laser machines like Lumenous Duet. Esclapion etc.

The procedure is performed under the surveillance of a good , qualified dermatologist in delhi.

Ask the laser clinic if they apply ice packs post procedure- dont even think of getting a session sone at such a clinic- you might be paying for a IPL procedure instead of DIODE . The machine looks just like a Laser.

For one of the best laser hair removal experience in delhi, visit  DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4 , Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Soprano Pro Laser hair removal diode is one of the best laser hair removal for indian skin . Also it is safe to go for a laser hair removal in patients with dark skin ,

We use the best Laser hair reduction system and have intensive experience in treating even the hardest of hair growth on the most sensitive skin without any side effects.

We offer painless laser hair removal sessions for bikini laser hair removal in delhi, Armpit laser hair removal and laser hair removal cost is affordable at our clinic.

Full body laser hair removal packages are also available. we are one of the best laser hair removal clinic in delhi.

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