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Laser Hair Removal – An investment for Lifetime

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Soprano Pro

An Investment In Laser Hair Removal Is An Investment In Yourself

Laser hair removal works as an investment in yourself – a semi-permanent hair removal method with many women seeing long lasting, effective and proven results.

The laser is beamed into your skin, eradicating hair at its root. Hair can be in any of four growth stages at any one time, and the laser works best on hair that is in the “active” growth stage. This is why many people have more than one session of the laser, to ensure all hair in this area has been treated successfully.

Once the laser has removed hair from the root, it is unlikely to grow back. Some women find an annual top up session necessary in order to keep skin looking smooth and hair free. When comparing this method with shaving (daily shaving sessions needed) waxing (painful) or plucking (time consuming) this method ticks many of the boxes which other hair removal methods don’t.

So not only laser hair removal will save money in the long run but will also save many hours spent in the parlours getting that painful waxing done – it just sounds chocolate (wax) but is not a sweet procedure.

Females turning up for laser hair remoival in delhi are not the ones who wanna wear short and designer dresses but from all walks of life.

Recently a 80 year old turned up in our clinic for a laser hair removal but was disheartened to know that laser doesnt work on grey hair.

She asked me to keep her posted if any new technology comes in recent future to remove white hairs…

Laser Hair Removal Prices in Delhi

ImageLaser Hair Removal Price in Delhi or Cost of per sesson of laser hair removal is a topic of great concern for those who want to go for a laser hair removal but are ary of the cost involved.

The ost of laser hair removal in delhi depends on the technology used to provide laser haitr removal service.

A laser centre in delhi using a technology like IPL- Intense Pulse light or Nd:Yag will cost less price per session for a laser hair removal service compared to a ethical laser hair removal centre using a state of the art Painfree Hairfree DIODE laser system like the ALMA Soprano Pro laser machine which is the only machine with no side effects.

Laser clinics in delhi who offer conventional laser hair removal machines like the Lumenis Light Sheer ET or the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet also cahrge equally or even more and claim t to be a good technology but then it is not side effect free and chances oh skin burn is always there.

Lumenis Light Sheer  machines are not comfortable as the ALMA Soprano Pro and people who have got sessions on both the machines know the difference.

A simple test to know whether you are being treated with a good laser hair removal machine is if the laser hair removal centre uses icepacks to cool down the skin.

A good quality laser hair removal diode laser like the ALMA Soprano Pro gives painfree hairfree experience without any side effects and no icepacks are used.

Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi also depends on the area of the body where the laser hair removal procedure is being performed.

A laser hair removal cost for face is approx INR 3,000* , a package for 8 sessions will cost INR 24,000.

As the area of laser hair removal increases,  the cost of the procedure becomes more affordable.

The cost of full body laser hair removal in delhi be as less as INR 15,000 in package.

People who want to go for a laser hair removal for bikini area needn’t worry about the side effects and pain as with ALMA Soprano Pro laser machine laser hair removal is absolutely painless.

Freckles treatment in Delhi – Lasers or Peels.

Laser treatment for Freckles- Peeling treatments for freckles.

Laser treatment for freckles in delhi

Laser treatment for freckles in delhi

Freckles are the tiny brownish to red marks seen on face esp in people with extremely fair skin. Freckles arise because of excess sun exposure. Freckling is also seen in some diseases where they occur on areas that are not even exposed to sun.

Patients with freckles keep running from post to pillar to get a remedy for the same. The  best thing is to avoid freckles from occuring which is possible by avoiding sun exposure. A good sunscreen can definately go a long way in preventing the damage. A sunscreen act only for a maximum one and a half hour and hence has to be re applied for a total protection.

Treatment options for freckles include- hydroquinone preparation, kojic acid, glycolic acid etc while other procedures include peeling, lasers- Q-Switch laser, Yellow cocktail etc.

A cost effective and quick procedure to help reduce freckles is the Yellow Cocktail which removes the upper most layers of the skin therby reducing the pigmentation on the affected skin .

Such a procedure when repeated over 2-3 times will reduce the pigmentation on the sites and will give a clean look.

Once the desired results are achieved , patient should prevent exposure from sunlight for long lasting results.

Q-Switch Laser 9532 and 1064) is the other modality that is used to treat freckles . The melanin pigment is burnt at various levels of the skin to give a fair look.

Commonly used peels are not effective in treating freckles and are better avoided .

For more information on treatment for freckles in delhi , Please contact:

DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027.

Ph: 9911100050, +91-11-45670001

Laser hair remo…

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Many people want to go for laser hair removal in delhi and other cities throughout the country but have many reservations. They have been guided or at times misguided by others who had a bitter experience while going for the the laser hair removal in a laser centre in delhi neighbourhood . But the thing which most people who had a bad experience at such a laser hair removal clinic dont know is that perhaps Laser was not even used for the treatment.

Most laser hair removal clinics who advertise and offer cheap laser hair removal services use a machine called IPL – Intense Pulse Light , which costs less than one tenth the price of a good Laser system,

A good laser hair removal is a DIODE laser system and the icing on the cake is if it offers – PAINFREE HAIRFREE laser hair removal.

If ice packs are required to cool off your skin after the procedure then the chances that you are being treated with a good DIODE laser is remote.

Before you opt to go for a laser hair removal in delhi just make sure-

The skin or laser clinic is operated by a qualified dermatologist and not beauticians or the so called cosmetologists.

The machine used to treat is one of the latest painfree , hairfree DIODE laser system like the ALMA SOPRANO PRO which offers you painless hair reduction and there is absolutely no chance of any side effects like burning, irritation, redness, pain or itching which can even occur with conventional diode laser machines like Lumenous Duet. Esclapion etc.

The procedure is performed under the surveillance of a good , qualified dermatologist in delhi.

Ask the laser clinic if they apply ice packs post procedure- dont even think of getting a session sone at such a clinic- you might be paying for a IPL procedure instead of DIODE . The machine looks just like a Laser.

For one of the best laser hair removal experience in delhi, visit  DermaWorld Skin Clinic, Q-4 , Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Soprano Pro Laser hair removal diode is one of the best laser hair removal for indian skin . Also it is safe to go for a laser hair removal in patients with dark skin ,

We use the best Laser hair reduction system and have intensive experience in treating even the hardest of hair growth on the most sensitive skin without any side effects.

We offer painless laser hair removal sessions for bikini laser hair removal in delhi, Armpit laser hair removal and laser hair removal cost is affordable at our clinic.

Full body laser hair removal packages are also available. we are one of the best laser hair removal clinic in delhi.

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