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Skin Specialist in Delhi

Skin Specialist/ Dermatologist in Delhi , Dr. Rohit Batra is one of the leading skin specialist in Delhi . Dr. Rohit Batra is attached to the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and is the force behind DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinics – A one stop solution for all your skin , hair and aesthetic needs.Making of a Skin Specialist ( in Delhi) involves a lot of hard work and dedication. A four and half year of pure toil during MBBS followed by an year of internship – where every doctor gets a taste of various medical fiends and make his/her mind to pursue a medical or surgical branch of his/her interest.

Dermatology is one of the nost sought after branch in India and around the world. Most medical students will pine to become a good Dermatologist/ Skin specialist in Delhi but not everybody can fulfill their long cherished dream.

There are many good to best Skin specialists / Dermatologists in Delhi and they all are working for the health and safety of the citizens of our city and country.

Dr. Rohit Batra is one of those good skin specialists in Delhi who not only are known for their clinical acumen and a healing touch but also is known amongst the Dermatology circles for organizing various conferences , workshops and people awareness camps to educate peers and common people.

DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clincis are equipped with the latest and Best Lasers in Delhi and take utmost care to provide patients – world class skin and aesthetic services in Delhi.

Situated in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi , the clinic is very popular among the local population.

People looking for a good or Best Skin Specialist/ Dermatologist in Delhi for various skin and hair problems zero in to this clinic for a cure to their ailments .

The clinic in Delhi also provides aesthetic services like Dermal fillers and Botox treatment in Delhi. The team of top dermatologists and aesthetic physicians in Delhi are known for their expertise, experience and zeal to give the best results at economical prices.

A regular at various national amd international conferences , Dr. Rohit Batra is not only one of the best skin specialist in Delhi or India but also has a considerable hold over the subject to earn him a place in various international conferences.

Dr. Rohit Batra, A leading Skin Specialist/Dermatologist in West Delhi ‘ Sir Gang ram Hospital , is also actively involved in providing charitable dermatology  services to the community  .  Dr. Rohit Batra is also involved in organizing free skin camps and other noble initiatives for those in need,

So if you are looking for one of the best skin specialist in Delhi – your search ends here.

Feel free to contact us at : 9911100050, 9911200050, 9911300050.

We take your Skin seriously.


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Fungal Infection treatment in Delhi

Fungal infections like ” Jock Itch” or “Tinea Cruris” are becoming common in Delhi and all around the country. People who self medicate by applying various kinds of Creams containing steroids are the ones who end up getting a resistant infections- which at times require a long term treatment with multiple antifungals.

Fungal infections are common in those who work in hot and humid climate, are obese , suffer from conditions like diabetes etc.

Recently it has been noticed that the whole families are getting infected by this fast becoming resistant disease. 

Family members should avoid sharing towels, clothes , bed linen as the fungal scales and spores  can be transmitted to others .

A long term therapy with oral and topical antifungals like itraconazole , terbinafine, ketoconazole etc is required for a complete cure for fungal infections.

One should avoid self medication and in case any sort of itching develops or a skin patch erupts – Consult  a dermatologist.

So if you are suffering from a fungal infection in delhi – feel free to call us at 9911100050, 011 -45670001.

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