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Anushka Sharma Lip Job – Surgery or Fillers

It seems that actress anushka has undergone a filler treatment to get her new look.
Earlier also it was seen that anushka got a filler job done in her cheeks when she was seen with prominent cheeks.
Bollywood actresses are known to get Fillers done before too.
Priyanka Chop ra was seen flaunting those lucious lips few years back when she was noticed with a lip pout.
It’s not easy to go under knife with these look changers as then the change are permanent. Fillers are temporary and last for around 8 to 18 months depending upon the product.
Many people will get a lip pout on Valentine’s Day and it’s a craze in beauty industry. Fillers cost anywhere between 15000 to 25000 per ml. The quantity required varies from patient to patient and it takes approx 20 minutes for the procedure.
The treatment should be taken from a qualified dermatologist with experience in such procedures. Nowadys many clinics offer these Fillers and charge exorbitant rates. One should visit a Clinic where he or she is counselled about the likely results and downtime.
We get about 8 to 10 patients looking for filler treatment for various reasons and don’t want surgical intervention.
Another reason to get a filler treatment is that it can be removed completely if required by a simple injection of hylase. So in case you don’t like the new look , you can return back to your natural look.

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Best skin specialist in West Delhi

Best dermatologist in West Delhi,  Dr.Rohit Batra is associated with the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

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