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laser hair removal for hard growth

Laser hair removal for hard growth esp for the females for chin hair is an area for which most ladies come to our clinic.
It is really disturbing for a female to have an excess hair growth on their face which not only is socially embarrassing but also takes a lot of money and time to get them removed again and again.

SOPRANO DIODE laser is a safe and effective laser which works very well for the Indian skin and gives great results as far as laser hair reduction is concerned.

It takes less than 10 min for the laser hair removal in chin area and is virtually painless.
We at Dermaworld Skin Clinic know our responsibility and use the best laser hair removal equipment for giving our patients a world class experience for laser hair removal in Delhi.

Laser hair removal in Delhi

Laser hair removal in Delhi has always been a craze with the females but off late men are also catching up. 

Male patients too want that metrosexual look and want lase hair removal for male body areas like laser hair removal for chest hair etc.


Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi has seen a severe competition but there is a catch. 

People are duped by the so  called laser clinics for hair removal by advertising offers from cheap laser hair removal to as much as 50 per cent off on Hair removal. 

The real fact that people are not made aware of is the machine that is used for the laser hair removal. 

The latest pain free hair free diode technology is the best laser machine available till date for laser hair removal.  It doesn’t require any precautions and is absolutely side effects free. 

IPL is a cheap machine available with most laser clinics and caosrs as less as 2 lacs for the machine.  

It requires cooling with ice packs after the procedure as it burns hair and skin. There are various side effects like burning,  irritation,  pigmentation etc which can occur and requires a lot of precautions after the procedure. 

The results are also bad and are not long lasting. 

IPL is not a laser but laser clinics make fool of ignorant patients by showcasing ir as a laser machine. 

For a layman a machine that requires ice packs after the procedure,  causes burning or irritation, pigmentation and laser light comes like flash – most likely is IPL

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