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Fungal Infection treatment in Delhi

Fungal infections like ” Jock Itch” or “Tinea Cruris” are becoming common in Delhi and all around the country. People who self medicate by applying various kinds of Creams containing steroids are the ones who end up getting a resistant infections- which at times require a long term treatment with multiple antifungals.

Fungal infections are common in those who work in hot and humid climate, are obese , suffer from conditions like diabetes etc.

Recently it has been noticed that the whole families are getting infected by this fast becoming resistant disease. 

Family members should avoid sharing towels, clothes , bed linen as the fungal scales and spores  can be transmitted to others .

A long term therapy with oral and topical antifungals like itraconazole , terbinafine, ketoconazole etc is required for a complete cure for fungal infections.

One should avoid self medication and in case any sort of itching develops or a skin patch erupts – Consult  a dermatologist.

So if you are suffering from a fungal infection in delhi – feel free to call us at 9911100050, 011 -45670001.

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